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Oliver Lovat

Oliver Lovat

Oliver Lovat leads the Denstone Group, which offers strategic advice and consultancy on customer-facing, asset-backed investment, with a focus on casino resorts. He is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and visiting faculty at Cass Business School in London.
Las Vegas | Retention
4th December
Moving the needle - the Stratosphere enters maturity
How Bob Stupak's masterpiece is faring as Las Vegas' customer needs have changed.
3rd April
Las Vegas: learning from the lost decade
Oliver Lovat asks if clues to what Las Vegas will look like in 2026 can be found in the “lost decade” of 2006-2016
24th March
The strategic genius of Steve Wynn
Oliver Lovat lectures on business strategy, and specialises in the hospitality industry centred on Las Vegas. For him, there is one man that stands above the others as the driving force behind today's casino resorts industry
2nd September
Rome wasn't built in a day: The Caesars Palace story
Caesars Palace is celebrating its 50th birthday this summer. Gambling Insider takes a look back at the storied history of one of the most famous brands in gambling in search of timeless lessons for casino operators.
30th June
Diversification is king in Las Vegas
When the housing market crashed, Las Vegas was one of the worst affected cities in America. Close to a decade on, and it's clear lessons have been learned.
5th May
The changing face of Las Vegas branding
Oliver Lovat explains why Las Vegas casinos need to adopt a new marketing approach if they want to attract younger customers
16th February
Vegas food and beverage: Reach for the stars... and the Starbucks
Oliver Lovat outlines the importance of Las Vegas’ food and beverage offering as non-gaming revenues continue to be the saviour of Sin City
7th January
The rise of the outsiders
Oliver Lovat profiles the changing face of Las Vegas leadership, charting the ascension of those holding business degrees
4th December
Will Vegas reclaim its F1 crown?
Oliver Lovat considers the likelihood – and likely impact – of Formula 1 racing returning to Las Vegas
10th November
Join the club
As he assesses the role of the Vegas nightlife, regular contributor Oliver Lovat considers what nightclubs and casinos are learning from each other
2nd November
Upturn in downtown
As a resurgent downtown Las Vegas prepares to welcome the next generation, Oliver Lovat explains why anyone interested in the future of casinos should be looking to the past

IN-DEPTH 21 May 2018
#WeAllWantToPlay: Diversity in the gaming Sector
Micky Swindale, Partner at KPMG reflects on the lack of diversity in the gaming industry and what has spurred this growing trend. Using the past as a guide, Micky considers how the industry might redress the issue