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BtoBet is a pioneer in new technologies for iGaming operators and the betting industry by using technological intelligence as its main base for its products.
The multinational company, winner of the Best Sports Betting Innovation 2017 CEEG Award and of the Rising star in Sports Betting innovation 2017 SBC Award - offers unique, customizable, secure and flexible cloud based systems delivering unprecedented capabilities to drive sportsbook and iGaming business. BtoBet has offices in Macedonia, Italy and Malta. The Technical team of the company is in Skopje and has an ever-growing team of developers. BtoBet’s dynamic Sportsbook team operates from Rome, whilst Malta hosts the commercial and marketing centre.

BtoBet. The Tech-Partner

BtoBet is a trusted technological partner, which will help you to recognize rapidly-changing trends and adapt your businesses alongside them.

Btobet will ensure the core of your operations can reach the future technology changes and follow the players’ habits evolution:


BtoBet provides the flexibility and technology needed to maintain your global brand reputation and products structure, tailoring them on specific local needs in terms of:

• Players interface
• Currencies
• Payment methods
• Jurisdictions
• Gaming offer
• Players preferences
• Devices available

BtoBet holds extensive knowledge of the industry and helps you to achieve your objectives in a safe environment, providing constant support to clients

• Working with skilled, knowledgeable and responsive referrals
• Taking the tech approach to meeting expectations
• Providing a structured process with top tech talent developing and keeping the software up to date
• Providing constant R&D that anticipate future trends and consumer demand

B Neuron. The learning platform

B Neuron Omnichannel platform is based on Artificial Intelligence technology and puts the players at the centre of the business while giving the operator total control:

• Analyzing players’ behavior
• Understanding their preferences
• Anticipating their wishes
• Automating all the management actions
"B Neuron attracts players, monitors them and fosters loyalty to your brand, all automatically."

B Neuron Omnichannel solution enables operators to reach the same level of service via every channel, through a unified betting engine and differentiated betting content according to each channel. It also gives the ability to collect same quality of players’ data through every channel, operate cross channel-data analysis, settle automatic marketing and fraud prevention actions according to the player’s channel in use (online, mobile or retail), and deliver a totally one-to-one customized experience, different for each channel, according to every single player’s behavior and preferences.

B NEURON is an open platform and allows integrations with any third-party, easily.

The operator can tailor his own gaming content according to market of reference and objectives.

• Sportsbook
• eSports
• Live Betting
• Virtual sports
• Casino
• Live Casino
• Lottery
• Games
• Poker

Once integrated, the supplier’s content, will benefit from the platform’s Artificial Intelligence. This will make your offer totally tailored to your audience preferences, more feasible.

BtoBet sportsbooks software enables operator to offer a huge range of sports, events and markets, no matter the channel in use, mobile, online, retail.

The flexible, reliable and scalable sportsbook offers:


Real Time monitoring of all operations with key player information. Tracking betting operations with predefined and custom reports. Geo-customization of Risk Management’s Rules. Advice and possible action to be taken towards a player.


Easily identify fraudulent behavior of a player. Get informed with the task status. Stay up-to-date with all the system background tasks.


Benefit from an advanced CMS to customize the sportsbook experience. Redesigned and reinvented user interface for easy day-to-day management. Customize both online and retail sports betting interface. Find the needed data with just a click.


Managed Trading Services tailored for any type of business.


Fully scalable, tailored to your player’s needs: Native or HTML5-based application with integrated Push notification system.

B Neuron. The A.I. concept

The Artificial Intelligence is fundamental for analysis and crucial to provide personalized and satisfying offers cross- channels

But how does BtoBet’s B NEURON platform, based on A.I., work?

Through sophisticated algorithms, A.I. collects player’s data, analyses key player information (player’s happiness level, type of player and player segment) and enables a dynamic segmentation of gamers according to their behavior and automates offers, tailored to the interests of each individual player segment.

By collecting and analyzing large amounts of information on player’s behavior, activities and preferences, the A.I. predicts what players would like to receive. The Recommendation Engine (RE) tracks players’ behavior whilst simultaneously using collaborative filtering to provide perfect suggestions for the most popular games, odds and bets for each player or segment of players. Today there are few sportsbook operators that have developed a sports-betting RE. At BtoBet we have developed a clever sports-betting RE that can control and suggest bets or events, analyzing the bettor’s behavior according to SPORT, CATEGORY, TOURNAMENT, COMPETITORS and MARKET-TYPE preference.

To have a deep insight into BtoBet’s industry reports, have a look here!
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Postal Address
Commercial Office
Advance House, Level 2
375 Manwel Dimech Street
SLM 1058 Sliema
Telephone: +356 2713 5974
Website: Visit Website

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