Björn Krantz


Björn Krantz was appointed Yggdrasil’s CEO in April 2022, but his career with the group began in January 2020, when he started working as Head of Publishing. After nine months in that position, he started serving as Chief of Global Market Operations between September 2020 and April 2022.


Since Krantz was appointed CEO, Yggdrasil has collaborated with numerous providers, studios and operators to release new slots and games. Peter & Sons, Bang Bang Games, Jelly, Elysian Jackpots, Reel Life Games, Reflex Gaming, ReelPlay, Hot Rise Games, Boomerang, AvatarUX, Bulletproof Games, 4ThePlayer, Dab Dingo, Northern Lights and AceRun are just some of the names of those collaborators. 

Throughout 2022, while under Krantz’s leadership, the group expanded its footprint on a global level by signing a deal with Jokerstar in Germany, an extended partnership with Reflex Gaming in the UK, the launch of global content with GGPoker and an agreement with RushBet to mark the group’s debut in LatAm. 


Because of his impressive track record and experience in the gaming industry, Krantz was named a judge at the Global Gaming Awards London 2023. 


Before Yggdrasil, Krantz worked for over ten years with NetEnt, where he started serving as the Managing Director and Chief of Global Market Operations in September 2009. He held that position for almost five years, with an eight-month break between August 2011 and March 2012, when he served as Acting President and CEO. 

He continued climbing the ladder and in January 2015, he was appointed the Managing Director of the NetEnt Americas division. 

Eventually, he also served as NetEnt’s COO for two years and three months. 

Between June 2005 and August 2009, he worked with Ericsson as the Business Manager of its South East Europe branch and as VP of Sales and Business Development. 

Between January 2003 and May 2005, he served as the Global Account Director of Eltel Networks, and prior to that, he worked as Ericsson’s Global Account Manager between May 1997 and January 2003.

“We have a clear strategy, and together with the rest of the management team I look forward to delivering on our global growth ambitions, and to further strengthen our position as the leading iGaming publisher and premium global iGaming solutions provider” Björn Krantz

Interviews and public speeches

In March 2021, while he was still serving as Yggdrasil’s Chief of Global Market Operations, Krantz was featured in the Future Focus magazine, where he discussed innovation, development opportunities and global diversity within the group. 

He has also had three interviews with the GI team. The first one took place in September 2022 and revolved around his first months as the CEO of Yggdrasil and future projects

Soon after, in November of the same year, he discussed the importance of innovation within the industry

His latest interview took place in February 2023 to celebrate Yggdrasil’s tenth anniversary and covered Krantz’s first year as a CEO and the group’s future plans and goals

In February 2023, at ICE, Krantz talked about the importance of showcasing at such events

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