Relax Gaming prepares operators for Dream Drop Jackpots launch

By Peter Lynch

Relax Gaming has provided operators with an exclusive preview of its new product, Dream Drop Jackpots, which is scheduled for launch on 4 May 2022.

Speaking on a webinar run by the company, Relax Gaming CPO Simon Hammon also gave an overview of the current marketplace and the group’s vision for 2023 and beyond.

“Our goal is to be the number one jackpot for players and operators, and essentially produce a product that gives a high action and very diverse offering,” said Hammon, regarding Dream Drop.

“So we wanted to do several things; the big ticket jackpots that feel far more achievable, we really want to get that near win experience, that near win feeling, and a lot more heavier action than what is frequently on the market.

“We want this constant mode of hot mode. This is where the acquisition levels go up for an operator, this is where the player excitement goes up, where the tangibility of hitting a really big prize should be more frequent and feel more tangible.”

The product is scheduled to drop exactly one month from now, with Temple Tumble 2 representing the flagship launch. It is a sequel to the group’s Temple Tumble game, one of its flagship productions and “a firm classic from Relax.”

There will, however, be several more titles added throughout the year, with Hammon explaining: “One thing that's extremely important for us is to make sure that we add more leading titles, and we have an aggressive roadmap - especially this year - in terms of adding more content.”

Relax’s CPO also touched on the current marketplace, and how the launch of Dream Drop fits within it. Having been involved in the market for many years now, he explained the reasoning behind the upcoming product launch.

“Fundamentally, this is not a new space,” he said. “There are plenty of good products on the market, trusted products on the market, ones that have been around for a while.

“I know this market pretty well. There are obviously many products on the market, but we've looked at it with a fresh pair of eyes and tried to understand, is there room for a new entrant? And what does that product need to look like to stand out from the crowd? That's where we were really trying to analyse what was happening on the market.”

Hammon noted that there are certain negative aspects of existing jackpots, both big ticket and daily. In terms of the former, this includes the long cycles between wins, uncertainties when the jackpot will fall out, and lengthy periods when the game is relatively not hot.

The market has shifted dramatically in the last few years when it comes to game creation, game content. So ultimately, that would also stand for jackpots

He continued by stating that some games on the market are quite old, and with quite outdated math models, meaning the only real appeal is the jackpot element.

And regarding the latter, Hammon said, issues include the top prizes not being that big, and that the same group of players are winning these daily jackpots too often. Moreover, games tend not to be market-leading quality, and are not really offering a huge acquisition tool.

“The market has shifted dramatically in the last few years when it comes to game creation, game content,” said Hammon. “So ultimately, that would also stand for jackpots.”

Relax certainly has big ambitions with the upcoming launch, with Hammon providing further insight into what the company truly wants to achieve with its latest product.

“We feel that this will be the biggest must hit jackpot on the market,” said the Relax Gaming CPO. “It's really a true millionaire maker and we believe the future of big ticket jackpots. We're going to have five must win jackpots, and there are going to be multiple ways to score and hit those prizes. It will be the very highest quality of game product.”


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