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Altenar: How add-on widgets bridge knowledge gap

Altenar interviews its Director of Account Management, Giannis Papakonstantinou, who explores how the provider’s latest trio of betting tools unlock the winning formula for operators.


In the world of sports betting, operators are looking to broaden their appeal to a wider audience, particularly during a busy summer of sport where there will be growing interest around major events. In this landscape, Altenar steps forward with a new suite of add-on widgets designed to boost revenue, educate newcomers and empower seasoned bettors.

How is Altenar addressing the challenge of creating a multi-vertical customer?

Operators have long faced the challenge of converting traditional casino players to sports betting, in part due to unfamiliarity with the technology. Our Betting Insights tool is now available to educate casino players and bridge the knowledge gap, making betting more accessible and engaging to a new audience. The add-on tool offers a valuable cross-selling opportunity, to foster a smooth transition for the casino-oriented and develop multi-vertical players with 50% higher future value.

Betting Insights, currently used by a few global operators, leverages reliable third-party data to provide insightful market information. For instance, it can display historical data between teams in a football match, such as 'Aston Villa scored at least three goals in 18 out of their last 22 games.' This empowers players to make data-driven decisions on various betting markets.

Bet Boost gives operators more power to attract customers during quieter periods or differentiate from competitors before major sporting events. How does the carousel work?

Bet Boost features a carousel widget enabling operators to attract players with the chance to increase their winnings from the same bet amount. The feature caters to differing preferences with three categories – Boosted Odds, Super Boost and Golden Boost.

Boosted Odds offers increased payouts while maintaining a healthy profit margin for operators. Super Boost dials the boost up further, eliminating the operator's margin for a more significant odds boost. Finally, the Golden Boost option ventures into negative margins, prioritising customer experience over immediate profit. This strategic use of promotions not only excites existing players but attracts new ones, encouraging them to stay on the site and familiarise themselves with other products.

In another development of the proprietary solution, limited time boosts now give the operator power to set a timer before key events or during slower periods as an additional incentive for bettors to visit the website.

These different levels of Bet Boost enhance retention and acquisition and can be scaled up or down depending on the needs of the individual partner, allowing them to customise and control.

How is Bet Mentor allowing new customers to ‘dip their toes’ into the sports betting space?

Appealing to bettors who need to be guided through the complexities of sports betting, Bet Mentor allows users to simply input their desired bet amount and target winnings, and curates a selection of bets based on historical data. This personalised approach empowers new users to create informed bets, fostering confidence and enjoyment.

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