Online payments - removing friction and fraud


Udo Mueller, CEO of paysafecard, shares his thoughts on developments in safety, security and speed in the online payment industry

The ongoing process of commerce digitisation is the catalyst for an accelerating shift in financial consumption habits. Moving from traditional payment formats to new, digitally-enabled platforms and mechanisms has become inevitable. This move is creating new business models and transforming user expectations and behaviour.

Providing seamless and convenient online payment solutions that address the needs of players and online gaming providers will be one of the major drivers of the payments market. Finding ways to add value through products and technologies and to make payments more secure, convenient, frictionless and even enjoyable for consumers and businesses is the way to move forward. When doing so, some key aspects have to be considered:


Providing services for both players and businesses requires a thorough understanding of what the two sides want from each other. Only by understanding the pain points between the two sides can a tailored product that adds value be provided. It is about building up a relevant user interface between the consumer and the business and it is about finding ways where value can be added.

Players want solutions and services that offer convenience and peace of mind. They are looking for an easy and fast payment solution and don´t want to experience a lengthy payment process disturbing their enjoyment.

Online gaming operators look for secure payment solutions that provide an efficient flow of money, allow them to smoothly distribute winnings and to return funds to the players, enabling them to attract new customers.


The gaming world is no longer simply either online or offline. The lines between online and bricks and mortar are being blurred. The same is valid for the lines between consumers that want to pay in cash and consumers that want to buy goods and services online, as cash remains an essential part of billions of consumers’ lives.

Offering an established prepaid payment method such as Paysafe’s paysafecard that builds a bridge between e-commerce and brick-and-mortar, or cash and online purchasing, is good for players since it provides them with a convenient way to use cash for their online payments. It is an advantage for gaming merchants - they can offer another convenient payment option to serve customers, and generate extra business. And it is also essential for the bricks and mortar shops because they cannot only generate new customers, increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, but they can also earn money in what is actually a classic e-commerce process.


Using a mobile device to pay from anywhere in a store or at online merchants is no longer reserved only for the tech-savvy early adopters, it’s the new normal for both merchants and customers – making the 2.1 billion smartphone users globally another main driver for shifting to mobile transactions and alternative payment methods.

However, a mobile-connected world comes with certain expectations. Paying via a mobile device should be as quick and convenient as ordering a pizza. This starts with a great browsing experience, and ends with a secure and frictionless checkout process, that allows the consumer to complete the transaction using their preferred payment method.


Paying safely online is of major importance to customers as well as businesses. The secure and efficient flow of money from player to operator and back again is strictly governed by far-reaching protocols and directives, to which iGaming payments solution providers need to respond in a highly effective manner to become more relevant to the merchants.

Online payment solutions need to meet the highest security standards to protect both players and businesses against fraud. It is very important to give both consumers and businesses the tools, the comfort, the techniques and the technology to know that their transactions are going to be safe.


Online payment solutions must be easy and safe to use for the players and simple to integrate for businesses. Consumers look for a safe, simple and convenient checkout experience through value-added apps and services that may even put a smile on their face. Businesses require a straightforward implementation process that allows them to activate all countries and currencies in a simple and fast way and allows a smooth flow of money
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