20 May, 2021

Product Review: Centower from VNE

Centower is an innovative redemption kiosk for automated payouts in casinos. Due to its state-of-the-art structure and its 42" J-curved touch screen monitor, Centower will illuminate the casino floor with its eye-catching colours and, thanks to its advanced split function with live screen content, it offers an attractive platform with many different functionalities.

As a matter of fact, this future-oriented function divides the monitor into three sections, which can be filled with different live content, an example being jackpot levels, advertising and customer-specific bonusing and offers.

Managing incoming banknotes and tickets, player card recharges and withdrawals, the machine dispenses up to four banknote denominations for a total of 12,000 banknotes, being fitted with one of the most popular banknote dispensing systems in the world, Glory NMD100.Centower's powerful combination of hardware and software grants the highest levels of control and security, thanks to the ID recognition staff card access and the electronic postponed opening.

The machine also guarantees complete efficiency: connected online via ADSL, it can be managed and controlled remotely through a website or VNE’s intuitive Mobile App.

Centower is fitted with a branded, illuminated frame design and can be personalized with any graphic or logo. After having developed its functionalities jointly, the machine has been successfully introduced on the market by VNE’s Slovenian Distributor, Euroblock, and is now available for other worldwide markets.