8 September, 2021

Remote-first Growth

Adam Rowley, Managing Director of RavenTrack, discusses the company’s new website, how the pandemic has impacted day-to-day business, and plans and ambitions for the three years ahead

Has the launch of the new website gone as smoothly as you would have hoped?

As website builds go, I have to say this was one of smoothest I’ve been a part of. We made the conscious decision not to rush the build as we knew how important it was to provide the correct first impression to potential new business. Our old website did not portray our technology in the way it should. A website is the front cover to your business and needs to grab attention straight away.

As we have a lot of features and information, we wanted to give all of this easily to the consumer without drowning them in too much data. We’re really happy with how the website has turned out, and that’s thanks to our talented team for their hard work in making something better than I could have imagined.


RavenTrack is now integrated with over 70 clients, but do you have a goal for a certain number of clients in mind, for example by the end of 2021?

We have a number in our models and plans to reach; however this is just one part of the overall objective for RavenTrack. We are aware of the continual developments in tracking technology and we’re investing heavily in our infrastructure and resource, to ensure we not only keep up with these advances, but continue to be top of the class.

We have recently acquired our Colorado Minor Vendor Licence and see North America as an area of real growth for us as a business, so expect some announcements soon on that front.

We, like many companies in the gaming industry, flourished through the pandemic with a number of clients coming on board to further increase the success of their online brands. This helped us advance quicker than we anticipated and now we are looking to further build on those accomplishments.


How has the pandemic changed how the company has been run on a day-to-day basis?

I guess the biggest change for us as a company is that we are now a remote-first business. We took the decision early in the pandemic to change to this policy, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees. We do still have our two offices in Nottingham and Manchester, with the team welcome to use either at any time. It’s important to us that we give the option of working remote or from an office environment, as we want to keep the culture we have built over the last three years.

The team have benefited from remote working with some of them even working in different countries. We have a dedicated, hard-working team and we’re happy for them to work from wherever they feel the most comfortable. Moving forward, we will be running strategy days and team-building projects to ensure they continue to thrive.

Client wise, I’d say the toughest element has been not having the face-to-face possibility when trying to acquire new business and building relationships with current partners. Video calls are fantastic but nothing beats a meeting in person. I’m very much looking forward to getting back on the road and continuing to build partnerships.


RavenTrack was founded three years ago. What are your plans and ambitions for the next three years?

Growth! As mentioned previously, we grew extensively throughout the pandemic and we want to further build on that success. We have a lot in the pipeline both in and out of the gaming industry. We have key target areas and have identified where we can improve.

The main reason we have been able to keep our commercials so low is that we continue to improve the infrastructure of the platform and technology. This helps us to keep our operational costs as low as they can be – and we then pass this saving onto the clients. We want to be in a position in the next 12 months where we are onboarding clients daily and are currently onboarding additional Dev-Ops resource to help achieve this. We are also welcoming a Business Development Manager into the company, who will be responsible for acquiring new business and helping increase the success of current partners.

We know that North America is going to be an important target for us; however, we are aware of huge potential still within the UK & Europe. The benefit of our technology is that we are not geo-restricted, meaning we are already operating in countries such as Mexico, Canada, and South Africa, which are all seeing significant growth.