8 September, 2021

A Matter of Psychology

PST Bespoke Furniture Commercial Director Gareth Treharne speaks to Gambling Insider about adapting to the pandemic, company plans and the perfect casino chair

If you could name the one thing customers look for in a casino chair, what would it be?

An obvious answer would be price! However, operators are increasingly discerning and an influential consideration when determining how to appeal to customers is individuality. Therefore, at PST it’s the ability to offer an entirely bespoke service, which customers appreciate and specifically look for in casino chairs and furniture.

Realistically the same combination of basic attributes will always be important to anyone when looking to buy something; price, quality and delivery. Yet significantly there are many additional factors perceptive PST customers consider extremely relevant – such as trustworthiness of a brand, craftsmanship, creativity, durability, technology and increasingly, environmental sustainability of the manufacturer. Comfort is also key as the length of time a player remains seated directly converts to commercial success, therefore, design psychology is equally paramount.

Consumer intelligence is of vital importance to PST and customer collaboration from initial concept through to design, manufacturing, delivery and even installation ensures a faultless process. PST has become synonymous with custom made architecture, which would imply the ability to differentiate and be individual is, again, the one thing customers look for in a casino chair.


How challenging has adapting to social distancing been for PST?

While the introduction of social distancing measures provided an opportunity for PST, exploiting it was undeniably challenging. As the world seemingly spun slowly on its axis, manufacturing dynamics were rapidly evolving from workplace and employee safety considerations to escalating material costs and availability. Initially, the PST development team collaborated with customers to create an entirely new range of products specifically providing socially distanced measures in high-traffic areas. Designed, manufactured, rapidly delivered and installed, PST’s safety screens ensured when Government restrictions were lifted, customers were immediately ready to open strictly adhering to Covid guidelines.

All of which took entrepreneurial vision, meticulous planning, perceptive material commodities observation and purchasing to assure customers were not exposed to volatile market fluctuations in basic materials, as demand outstripped supply. A degree of flexibility was also required. If a key component suddenly became unavailable or reached an artificially inflated premium which rendered a product commercially unviable, an alternate was immediately sourced to retain the competitive pricing promised by PST.


Do you think, long term, social distancing products could stay and are worth investing in? Or are these purely for the here and now/remaining pandemic times?

Gaming is no different to any other communal industry where there is social interaction, therefore, it’s really a matter of psychology. As we have witnessed, even when Government restrictions are completely lifted, many people still do not feel confident without social distancing measures in place. Maybe operators will need to adopt a conciliatory approach retaining a combination of products to ensure all customers are satisfied?

In regards to those measures which do not encroach on floor space or impinge negatively on profits, there is obviously an argument for them to remain, especially if they inspire confidence. Indeed, there is increasing evidence that social distancing screens, for example, provide an additional privacy enjoyed by many players and marketing opportunities for operators. PST has been producing bespoke branding messages and advertising across its entire range of screens for various clients, determined to utilise the additional visionary opportunities they provide.


What are PST’s plans for the rest of 2021 and looking ahead to 2022?

The foreseeable future is incredibly busy and exciting at PST. Innovative projects delayed by the pandemic are beginning to resume as the world slowly and cautiously emerges. While synonymous with chair and furniture manufacturing, PST has demonstrated its ability to adapt to the dynamic conditions across all gaming industries and is proud to be inspiring conceptual evolution throughout traditional environments.

For example, Virgin Cruises chose to partner with PST on its inaugural cruise ship, Scarlet Lady, which recently launched its delayed maiden season. Bespoke furniture was designed throughout the ship, which boasts lavish rockstar-inspired suites, a vegan restaurant and a tattoo parlour. This collaboration continued with Valiant Lady, which is due to launch in the latter part of 2021; plus Virgin has announced a third vessel, Resilient Lady, due to set sail in 2022.