8 September, 2021

Product Review: Safety Screen Pro from Prestige Seating Technology

When Covid struck and the gaming industry was forced to shut, PST decided to utilise its facilities to help customers prepare for re-opening in a post-pandemic world.

In a marked departure from its furniture and seating production, PST rapidly designed a social distancing screen range which the industry was quick to acclaim, appreciating the quality build, durability of materials, manufacturing momentum plus commitment to delivery and installation.

Both the Safety Screen Pro and Safety Screen Essential are manufactured with 6mm toughened Optifloat glass, available either clear or smoked, and the entire range can be fitted between any form of gaming equipment such as slot machines, multiplayer automatic table games, even a redemption terminal. Delighted with his rapid return on investment, Silvertime Amusements’ Edward Reed credits the Safety Screen Pro as the “reason why we were able to re-open.”

“Our customers really appreciated the fact we were taking their safety seriously, and by installing the screens we were able to re-open with an entire complement of machines rather than having to keep some switched off,” he said.

Complementing the social distancing screen range, PST introduced SafeTouch to combat the spread of harmful bacteria and subsequent risks associated with germs spreading more easily. As technology advances, resulting in an increased use of touch screen devices such as gaming terminals, it is paramount to reduce the threat of cross-contamination, to provide peace of mind for both players and gaming staff.

Safe Touch utilises silver ion technology, which is released from the surface when the product comes into contact with humidity. The silver ions react rapidly, blocking and destroying bacteria, preventing any transfer upon contact. Constant antibacterial action, ensuring protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Safe Touch is intended for use in areas that require a high degree of hygiene. The product range offers antimicrobial protection durability for three years and is resistant to cleaning procedures. Tested to the ISO 22196 standard, the products show reduction rates of 99.99% of microbes.

In addition, The PST SafeTouch clear screen protection films provide high-performance anti-glare and anti-scratch screen protection for touch screens and LCD displays. Available in custom sizes and designs, these films are suitable for a wide range of devices such as touch screen slots and ETGs, electronic displays, kiosks, cash registers and ATMs.