8 September, 2021

Product Review: LOVE Bench from MGR Casino Chairs

MGR Casino Chairs launches the new curved LOVE bench. A spectacularly innovative chair design that combines comfort with functionality. The perfect fusion of MGR's cutting-edge technology with the maximum functionality required in front of a slot machine. All naturally Made in Italy and with a highly competitive price.

MGR has just launched a new version of its bench, designed to be functional and extremely ergonomic at the same point.

"We decided to redesign our armchair with an even more innovative design, giving the customer a comfortable seat and inviting them to spend the entire gaming session in good company," says Guido Rizzo, Global Sales Manager of MGR Casino Chairs. He also adds: "We believe that a bench structure can increase the player's gaming time throughout the session "A seemingly perfect choice of one of the leading companies in the world of casino  furniture, given that in just a few months since its launch it has already had requests from all the major operators.”

“The growth of MGR Casino Chairs' business in the American market is increasing vertically and this is an indication of great service, at the highest quality.  Our products are designed to increase the time spent playing in front of the slot machine, increasing the attractiveness of the slot and therefore increasing the income,” says Giorgio Rizzo, Sales Director for United States.