8 September, 2021

Product Review: Centre Premium and Cash Recycler Premium from GeWeTe

GeWeTe has for many years offered a wide range of PC-based cash handling solutions that provide a total site solution for dedicated ticketing applications, membership system and many other customer-driven applications worldwide.

Two of our most popular models are the Cash Centre Premium and Cash Recycler Premium; both have high-security cabinets with multifunction options including banknote to coin/banknote out, bulk coin in for banknotes out (cash recycler premium), tickets in for banknote, coins and tickets out, dedicated membership systems and now bank card to ticket options. For increased security on sites, especially in 24/7 AGC’s, we have seen an increase in the use of the “Account Facility,” whereby staff, via a dedicated PIN protected card, can withdraw money (notes & coins) from the GeWeTe for “Hand Pays”/“Refills” or “Floats” avoiding the need to go into a back office or open safes.

More and more customers are looking for a total solution, with a wide range of features in one high-security cabinet; therefore, our latest cabinets have been designed to accommodate card readers (mag stripe/chip & pin/barcode) allowing applications like sports betting and membership accounts, or wallets, to be handled within the same cabinet, making it a multifunctional machine.

We continue to work with our customers to identify what their needs are and adapt our models/systems to meet these needs. With having our own dedicated in-house R&D Team, we have the flexibility to react to special requests, and prioritise our work schedules quickly and effectively.

From a player perspective, having a single multifunctional machine that is easy to use, reliable and a quick process for each transaction is a vital part of the system offered on site. More importantly from the player’s viewpoint, it is a discrete process for obtaining cash or cashing  in the winning money/ticket, or adding/withdrawing cash from their “Player Account” or wallet.