8 September, 2021

Product Review: PULSE ARENA™ from Interblock Gaming

PULSE ARENA™ is an immersive, multi-sensory electronic table game stadium with customisable technology designed to enhance the player’s experience and attract new players to the casino floor. A hybrid of entertainment and gaming, PULSE ARENA™ enhances Interblock’s Stadium environment by blending live, automated and dealer assist style games with social interaction features, live dealers, a DJ booth, and an expansive video wall complemented with state-of-the-art lighting.

In PULSE ARENA™, dealers are “dealer-tainers” responsible for interacting, cheering on and bringing in players. Interblock revolutionised its core platforms and created new user-friendly applications for both the dealer console and player station, allowing for seamless transitions between dealers and an innovative interface for players of all experience levels.

Central to the PULSE ARENA™ is a video wall controlled by WAS (Wizard Animation System). With WAS, operators can choose between various themes or moods to change and enhance the gaming arena to an option that best suits their needs. Interblock works closely with its partners to create a multitude of custom environments that cater to any demographic. Dealers or Ambassadors are also able to control and customise the Stadium environment according to players’ preferences, giving PULSE ARENA™ staff the opportunity to change the vibe of the PULSE ARENA™ on the fly.

Software improvements to the PULSE ARENA™ include an entirely re-designed graphics user interface that offers popular side bets, dealer tipping via each player station, simultaneous wagering on up to four games, tournament and promotion capabilities, and an education mode for beginners. New games offered in the PULSE ARENA™ include dealer assist and video versions of Dual Dai Baccarat and live Craps. Live Craps in a PULSE ARENA™ gives players an exciting opportunity to shoot real dice on a Craps table within a stadium environment and a new way to enjoy this classic game of comradery without the pressure or intimidation of a crowded, traditional Craps table.