8 September, 2021

Product Review: The UBA Pro™ from JCM Global

As some regions are coming out of lockdown, operators considering efficient and reliable cash handling solutions should consider the UBA Pro™ family suite of products.

The UBA Pro™ comes as a part of a comprehensive product family, where it is accompanied by two bill recyclers, the UBA Pro-RT™ and UBA Pro-RQ™. The different configurations of UBA Pro™ Family make it flexible enough to suit all gaming needs.

One of the main attractions of the suite of products is the modular design, which makes them particularly technician-friendly, making on-site servicing easier, as well as providing easy retrofit for improved performance. This means that down-time is reduced to an absolute minimum, as replacement of removable components can be carried out quickly from the front of the unit.

The UBA Pro™ also offers faster note-to-note speed, a new and superior sensor package and Plug & Play upgrade from UBA and iPro bill validators. The Pro is future-proof and offers significant security against counterfeits.

The UBA Pro™ has a 2- or 4-Way Barcode Reader and offers quicker acceptance of TiTo tickets, as well as banknotes.

The newest generation of compact banknote recycler for 2/4 denominations, the UBA Pro-RT/-RQ™ features improved performance. The speed, reliability and cutting-edge technology of the UBA  Pro-RT/-RQ™ set industry standards for banknote recyclers, with faster processing speed and a lockable and removable  recycling module with  non-volatile memory,  allowing note refills in  the back office for secure  cash handling.

The UBA Pro-RT/-RQ™ also features JCM’s patented anti-stringing technology, consisting of an anti-pullback mechanism to protect against banknote stringing/manipulation.

“The UBA Pro™ family has established its credentials in the gaming sector with a number of high-profile installations since its launch,” says Payam Zadeh, General Manager of JCM Europe.