8 September, 2021

Product Review: Remote Play from Alfastreet

Remote Play is a software solution that offers diverse and complex gaming operations for any gaming venue. The system provides options to connect a mobile device to any existing gaming table on the floor, so the player can place a bet on the number of games on any chosen table. The player is therefore able to move around, follow the table games results and pick the right time, and the right table to place a bet.

This system offers a multitude of customisation options, with the highest regard to security and redundancy of the system. We can configure the system to function only in a very specific area, or limit the system to work only inside the premises. Alternatively, we can make the system operational specifically in the hotel rooms.

The financial aspect is also covered, with different options of credit handling. Every player can not only play the game of choice, but they can also view real time video feeds from the table and monitor all other live table information.

In the situation where the casino is limited to the number of gaming stations, our system can automatically shut down one  of our terminals on the floor and hand over the operation to the remote device.

In addition, our Remote Play system can also connect to the tables and electronic games that are placed in a different location and until the player would enjoy the same real time information, security and comfort.

We tested this system multiple times with different gaming and cyber experts. To this point, we strongly believe this is the only truly working system of this kind currently available on the market.

We are running Remote Play in different locations around the world, with one of the world's most reputable casino resorts being one of our customers. Remote Play offers something different, a step into the upper level of gaming experience and accessibility on the gaming floor. We are looking forward to presenting it in full power at the next big gaming event; hopefully that will be at ICE London.