2 November, 2021

Company Profile: Relax Gaming

What is your star product?

Relax has gained a reputation for developing high-quality products delivered at speed across a number of verticals. From our multiple shortlisted and award-winning slots such as Money Train 2 and Top Dawg$, through our poker and bingo provision, to our latest innovative initiative, Relax Apex. The latter is almost a microcosm of everything we strive to excel at – it harmonises the approach to a multitude of technical requirements, market standards, promotional functionality, and custom integrations to create a one-stop-shop approach to game content provision. This makes operators and its game content partners’ lives easier, faster and more reliable. It’s a scalable solution that takes care of almost all of the heavy lifting required inbeing market-ready, not only for our own benefit but also for our partner studios.


Who is/are your key personnel?

As the company has evolved over the last 11 years there have been, and still are, great superstars in the Relax organisation. We pride ourselves on hiring the best talent in all fields and that has helped accelerate our growth in all disciplines. As we pride ourselves on technical excellence we have talented developers who have helped construct the service and offering today. Facilitating our growth we have a top legal, finance and compliance team who understand the pressures and importance of accuracy and speed. To complement our great speed and market awareness, of course we have senior management who know the business and support key staff in sales, marketing and account management. A company is not built on one or two top talents but on the general skill sets, passion and dedication of many.


What makes you stand out?

At a high-level, what we do is simple: from a robust technical foundation we deliver a diverse, top-tier selection of products, at speed, and with the minimum of fuss. This is driven by the talent highlighted in the previous answer, who are ably supported across our entire operation.

As a consequence, 2021 has been another year of rapid growth and success for us all at Relax. We have greater distribution, more partners joining the aggregation side of the business, and the number of games available has increased to over 2000. While there’s some discussion currently about industry awards, we gratefully received a large number throughout 2021. That doesn’t happen by chance. The team genuinely appreciates the recognition of their efforts. It also serves to reinforce the importance of our longstanding company ethos of providing the products that people want, in a manner that suits the fast-paced nature of a hugely competitive industry.


What’s your strategic outlook for 2022?

As ever, it’s to sustain and exceed our levels of growth and to surpass expectation across the board. We aim to penetrate further into new and existing markets, widening our distribution with key and strategic top-tier partners. Supporting this are our partner programmes, Silver Bullet and Powered By Relax, both of which are evolving to become even more appealing with an exciting list of additions planned. We also have a very strong year planned for games, with engaging titles in the works that continue to offer the unique functionality and immersive gameplay that keep us at the forefront of content provision.