2 November, 2021

Company Profile: Green Jade Games

What is Green Jade Games’s star product and what makes you stand out?

We value conventional slots and enjoy playing them. However, our modus operandi is to change the industry. The problem we are solving is an industry-wide issue – stagnant active players, increased content and lack of product differentiation to help to grow the addressable market. Our DNA is Arcade Skill .Backed by 18 months of proof of concept, market testing, independent research and direct tier-one casino feedback, we know we’re on the right track with our proposition. The star product is the delivery mechanic of the content. We learnt that the games in and of themselves generate the increased KPIs required – Avg. Bet, Time on Screen etc, but the positioning of the games was the issue. Players didn’t know what they were playing and casinos didn’t know where to place the games. We will solve this next year. 


Who are the key personnel?

The beauty of Green Jade is that we are a small and tight unit. We have a team full of eager, capable individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life. We don’t like to isolate anyone as a ‘key’ person. We are the sum of our parts. We are actively looking for people to join our team as it goes. In order to deliver a proposition which will change the industry, we need the best talent from within or outside of the industry. The majority of roles we are looking for are tech. Back-end, front-end, product owners. Notwithstanding, however, we will always find a home for good people. We are open to remote working, having taken a positive lesson from the pandemic. Our only requirement is that you are based +/- 2hrs CEST. Feel free to send us a note – [email protected]


What is your strategic outlook for 2022?

The strategic outlook for our industry going into 2022 and beyond is very bright. Regulation will continue to play a strong role in ensuring the safe growth of our industry. The opening up of not just new countries, but new continents – Africa, North America – presents endless opportunities for organisations in our space. We have a very clear strategy: arcade and new market entry. It is going to be a lot of fun.