2 November, 2021

Company Profile: Exacta Solutions

A young company with a strong pedigree, Malta-based Exacta Solutions brings years of experience to bear on the issues faced by new and growing businesses. With experience in executive recruitment, headhunting and management consulting, and an unrivalled network of experts from various backgrounds, Co-Founders Chris Vella and Anthony Hennessy have built the company from the ground-up to help you reach your business goals.

What is your main service?

Exacta Solutions’ main focus lies within the iGaming market, which is the area in which the team holds the highest level of expertise. The iGaming space has been experiencing growth for the past 15 years, with no sign of decelerating. When Chris first penetrated the market back in 2005, iGaming was still in its infancy here in Malta. As the industry landscape developed, it started to diversify into other areas related to iGaming, such as Fintech and IT - two spaces that Exacta Solutions also operates in.

Within this growing market, Exacta Solutions’ two principal stems of the business are Recruitment and M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions). The company’s recruitment services involve a comprehensive consultation with specialised team members, in order to identify gaps and opportunities for their clients.

In addition to regular recruitment, the team’s collective, extensive professional network allows them to offer C-level search and headhunting to clients.

From an M&A perspective, demand has been strong. Exacta Solutions’ approach includes a number of essential steps when it comes to concluding a successful M&A deal. The role the company plays is a crucial one – bringing one opportunity to the table and matching it to the other party’s expectations. Once both parties agree that they are interested and would like to proceed with the deal, the more technical aspects of the process come into play, some of which may be outsourced to partners. This is where financial diligence, corporate due diligence, the contractual aspect, and price negotiations come in. Once the latter action points are dealt with, the contract is signed and both parties can celebrate.

Who is/are your key personnel?

Co-Founders Chris Vella and Anthony Hennessy set up Exacta Solutions in late 2019, just before Covid-19 rattled industries and shook markets around the globe.

They had worked together for over 10 years in the industry, previously holding positions at another company, before embarking on a two-man collaboration which has now grown into a 13-people-strong team.

The two founders share over 25 years of joint experience in the industry and complement each other in terms of business skills and their approach towards clients.

Their knowledge and skill set, paired with an extensive network of curated industry contacts have led to them building a company which is successful on both an internal and external level. The team they have assembled is able to attract talent and offer a consultative approach to reflect what is happening in the market at the current time.

What makes you stand out?

Exacta Solutions differentiates itself based on its unique international network within the online gambling sector. Their two main areas of expertise – Recruitment and M&A – both have two things in common: network and connections. The bigger you grow in the businesses, the more connections you make and the higher the connections, the more relevant and lucrative they become for the business.

Exacta Solutions’ competitive advantage also lies in its consultative approach. Drawing attention towards the Recruitment side of things, each of the company’s specialised recruiters advise on the way forward, providing in-depth consultation from organisational set-up to reward structures and methods of hiring, rather than simply firing out CVs for particular job roles.

What is your strategic outlook for 2022?

Moving forward, the company looks to keep infiltrating new markets and consolidating their position, in order to expand on the current growth that it is experiencing. Exacta Solutions is already present in over 30 countries around the globe beyond the Maltese islands’ borders, including the United States, countries in Latin America and mainland Europe.

As business grows, the team hopes to continue branching out into new territories. The target for Exacta Solutions will be to follow the same trajectory and operate along the same business model, expanding on both a market and geographical level.