2 November, 2021

In Focus: AstroPay

What is your star product?

One Touch is our star product. It is a digital wallet that offers a wide range of benefits including allowing greater control for customers over transactions and minimising risk; receiving deposits with a simple “touch” with automatic approval for recurring users, which enables a seamless interaction between the merchant and its customers. For merchants, One Touch provides KYC verification and identification control, and a simplified integration process through an auto enrolment channel, with little to no IT intervention required on their side. They will also have access to analytics and reports, as well as fraud alerts that meet the levels of security and compliance the industry requires.

One Touch provides users with a secure and rapid tool, enabling them to access contactless payments easily. This payment option is increasingly being adopted as it provides them with the possibility to have their balance in just one place, avoiding the inconvenience of having multiple accounts and payment options.


Who is/are your key personnel?

We have a team of technical and business experts who are dedicated to continuously improving AstroPay’s products and services, for the benefit of our end users and merchants alike. Led by the CEO, Mikael Lijtenstein, AstroPay is growing steadily, and we have seen triple growth in the number of our employees since March 2020.


What makes you stand out?

We have an unparalleled track record when it comes to doing business in emerging markets. For more than 12 years, we have been dealing with the specificities of each market across Latin America, Asia and Africa; this has provided us with a great extent of experience in developing strategy, as well as innovating products and services to satisfy users from different cultures and backgrounds.

Understanding the end users is of paramount importance, especially when providing a way of payment and building a sense of trust and security. We are proud to be the local payment option of choice for our users; we achieve this by understanding their language and how they like to pay, as well as their access to different electronic devices, connectivity and technologies available to them.

Having the experience of working in so many different markets makes us unique and agile when adapting to consumers’ ever-changing needs, and providing our clients with a reliable payment solution. We devote many resources in our engineering process, including specific tools to obtain user feedback and analyse it. We use different metrics to measure conversion rates and we make adjustments when necessary, based on the analysis. This process makes us very agile when changes are needed, and it enables us to have a strong response capacity.


What’s your strategic outlook for 2022?

We will continue to focus on improving our product and developing new functionalities, to deliver a better user experience as we expand into new markets.

In terms of operations, we are also looking to grow our team to support our expansion across Europe and Japan.