Product Review: Grand Crystal 2 and Craps Game from ZUUM

By Gambling Insider

ZUUM has created a new Grand Crystal 2 machine with Craps game. The excellent and clear graphic user interface keeps the players focused on the game and extends time on the device. In addition to ambient music, a very realistic announcer is played on a new generation sound system. This helps the players to follow the game flow and adds a live dealer feeling to the electronic table.

The topper screen also contributes to the excitement with animations and keeps players informed about the current game state and past statistics. Together with the high visibility LED Ring it attracts players to come and play at the machine.

 The results for the game are determined by two dice in an in-house developed dice RNG which has been certified by independent laboratories. With more than 15 years of experience, ZUUM has developed several specific electronic table games to provide customers with numerous attractions for players. In addition to the Craps game, it has in its portfolio other classic table games including Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Sic Bo and some Bingo variations.

All machines are available indifferent configurations from standalone stations, round and oval compact tables to ZUUM Colosseum Arena, ensuring extreme flexibility putting ZUUM machines on the floor.“Like all the gaming industry we were affected by the pandemic, but we used the slow down to our advantage and developed new products like Craps game and the new Grand Crystal 2machine hardware,” says Mitja Kolman, President of ZUUM. He also adds: “Our vision is to offer our clients products, which are competitive and exclusive both in quality and technology .Customers praise the reliability of our machines, and we are really proud of that.”