24 January, 2022

Product Review: Nexio

Advansys NEXIO is a result of a whole new philosophy in design and development of Casino Management System (CMS). It is an advanced CMS platform, delivering ultimate user experience across all system modules. From Slots to Tables, from simple tasks to the most complex analytics or marketing campaigns, users can immediately obtain benefits from a whole new level of product.

NEXIO means faster, wider and deeper comprehension of all CMS data with access from virtually everywhere.A unique and all-in-one CMS with which casino and players too benefit with a total integration of all, slot machines, table games, and some third-party hardware and software.

A modular and scalable CMS with a functionality that fits casino needs independent of size or number of locations. Available modules are: Accounting & Cage, Ticketing, Jackpots, Player Tracking, Cashless, Reception, MultiCurrency, Okto Payments.

NEXIO provides minute to minute operation functions and real-time management through the property with:

  • Analytics for Management – No more questions about what is currently happening on site. NEXIO offers easily accessible analysis, tools and prompts that will help casino make informed and timely decisions.
  • Operations Optimisation –Smooth operations with optimised cost and control. NEXIO helps manage main casino operations with ease while making sure that everything is under control, including the costs.
  • Accelerated Loyalty - Latest in player-centric loyalty programs. NEXIO helps build a strong relationship with players with easily accessible advanced tools for rewarding loyalty, customer relationships, and junkets management.

Advansys NEXIO is developed on extensive global knowledge and experience achieved over more than 15 years dedicated to continuous development and innovation. Advansys products are currently running worldwide over 30 countries, 11 time zones and total of more than 240 locations.

NEXIO is certified and meets requirements of most demanding casino jurisdictions. An extremely user-friendly system and easy to use. With an intuitive and customisable user interface. NEXIO grows with casino business and latest trends by being constantly upgraded to give a strong competitive advantage.