21 March, 2022

What makes a responsible affiliate?

Malcolm Darnley of BestOdds points out the best types of affiliates for end users.

Affiliates have many different messages they will direct towards their customer base. They will want to try and educate them on the nuances of sports betting. They will want to inform their customers with relevant statistics and entertaining information.

They will also want to effectively market to them in hopes that customers will open a new gambling account.

But most importantly of all, a true affiliate will define what responsible gambling means to them. It will make a conscious effort to follow best practices and guidelines, it will be a company that can recognize problem behavior and it will be a true resource for anyone looking for help with a gambling problem.

Responsible Gambling

Unfortunately for a select few, sports betting can stop being a form of entertainment and start to become a problem. As a marketing affiliate, creating content and directing end users to sportsbooks, we must be conscious that for some our product can be harmful and cease to be thought of as entertainment.

Addiction is real and presents itself in many different forms. Sports betting is one of many available products that need regulations and best practices to help keep vulnerable people safe.

The American Gaming Association (AGA) provides a comprehensive marketing guide with best practices and guidelines written with the end user’s best interests in mind.  

BestOdds.com believes whole-heartedly in these principles. We, too, believe the overwhelming majority of successful affiliates also believe and follow them.

But there is more besides responsible marketing practices we can all do to help those who show signs of a gambling problem or are seeking help. Affiliate brands should consider the following:

  • Be a voice.
  • Be a real live person.
  • Be an informed resource.
  • Be a company that has a plan and is active in helping those who want it.

Bankroll Management

One of the most enjoyable aspects of creating content at BestOdds.com is that we are challenged to ensure we create with the best interest of our end users in mind. I personally love providing content on the importance of bankroll management and why every sports bettor needs to have a sound financial plan.

I am a sports bettor. Sometimes I am pretty good at it, sometimes I’m not. But I always have a plan, including a bankroll management plan (BMP) before I start to place my bets.Let’s have a look at what my own possible BMP could look like for an MLB baseball season.

  • Sport of choice: MLB Baseball
  • Strategy: I only bet on AL East teams and when I think there is value on the moneyline, runline or over/under.
  • Bet amount: I believe in betting one unit for every bet I make. We at BestOdds.com define a unit as 1% of the total bankroll you have set aside to bet with.
  • My bankroll: For baseball season, I like to set aside $500, which must last me from April (the start of the season) until the end of September (end of season).

If you look at my bankroll ($500) and my bet amount (one unit per bet) you can quickly deduce that I am a $5-per-game bettor.

Over the course of placing almost 400 bets in a baseball season, I will go through many winning and losing streaks. What I don’t ever do is chase my streaks by increasing my bet size. After the season ends, sometimes I am up money and sometimes I finish down money, but by only betting 1% of my bankroll and never increasing my bet amount, I am able to make my budget last the whole season. Bankroll management is a key part of being a successful sports bettor and it is a key part of making sure you are playing safely. Create a plan, set a budget and always stay within it. Now, if only the MLB owners and players could figure out a way to get along and have a season, we would be all set.  The above is an example of how an affiliate can truly help its end user. Go Blue Jays!