21 March, 2022

Insiders: SuzoHapp aiming for strong 2022

Gambling Insider speaks with SuzoHapp Vice President Todd Sims on his company’s goals for 2022.

As the world finally returns to a semblance of normality, it is a good time to look forward to what the future holds; and Todd Sims, VP at SuzoHapp, has been doing just that. Indeed, Sims has spoken with Gambling Insider to examine what lies ahead for the gaming technology manufacturer in 2022. Find out below why sports betting is considered a natural next step for the firm, how the company is aiming to stand out and more.

What are SuzoHapp’s main targets for 2022?

We have a lot planned for 2022 and we’re very excited. With the continued rise in sports betting, you can expect to see some new, innovative solutions from us this year. We aim to open up the market with new terminal designs for every casino or sportsbook. We are also in the process of updating our ecommerce platform and are very excited to provide customers with a new, easier way to shop with us. Lastly, we’re excited to see our customers face-to-face again at sales meetings and tradeshows. Last year's G2E was really the first time we saw people come out en masse, although it was still a bit muted compared to the pre-pandemic years. We hope to see more of our customers this year as the tradeshow makes its comeback. 

Is your product range changing right now, given trends in the industry such as cashless, digitalisation and the effects of the pandemic?

Absolutely! During the pandemic, I think we can all safely say we spent a lot of time on our phones in isolation and quarantine.A lot of interesting gaming and sports betting innovations emerged on apps. Now that we’re resuming in-person activity, customers are looking for a seamless transition between the two. Additionally, with restrictions and safety measures, customers became accustomed to minimised interactions with people, and increased kiosk and self-service opportunities. Success, moving forward, is having products that combine the digital and phone experiences with physical retail locations, aligning them in a straightforward way for customers to choose how involved they want to be. Over the next year or two you’ll see a heavy focus on those digital-forward interactions, ecommerce, and cashless.

Can you tell us more about your focus on sports betting and lottery components?

After years in the gaming industry, sports betting was a natural next step for us – especially as we had been in the European sports betting market for years. We are able to assist platform providers by designing retail solutions from top to bottom with elements that we know will work in high-use, high-traffic environments, and customise the experience to fit specific needs. Because of our relationships and partnerships with industry suppliers, we can ensure the best lifetime value with our designs and expertise.

How does what you’re doing make you stand out against your competitors?

We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and a worldwide network of partners, which is a powerful combination in this market. SuzoHapp is a trusted hardware expert. We allow our customers to keep their focus on their game, while we take on the burden of hardware compatibility. We believe we are the only callyou need to make, with an array of products, and an ability to quickly and effectively design custom solutions to fit your needs.