21 March, 2022

Product Review: Interblock - Diamond Golden Ball Roulette

The Diamond Golden Ball Roulette adds an exciting twist to a classic table game favourite with an additional Golden Ball released from the generator at random intervals that is tied to a side bet!

Bolstered with never-before-seen patented technology, this exciting game provides Roulette players with an opt-in side bet designed to increase entertainment, time on device, and the hold percentage of this traditional game.

The product is dressed up in a new golden outfit and supplemented with an additional golden ball released from the generator at random intervals. This is a unique, standalone product where the regular Roulette game is played in a more exciting way. With the Lucky Number and Golden Mystery side bets, a lucky winner can vastly increase their earnings.

Playing the Golden Ball Roulette game with the Lucky Number side bet, the player is given a chance to select their lucky number along with playing the Roulette game the regular way. If a lucky number is selected and a golden ball is released onto the rim, the side bet automatically wins with a 3 to 1 payout, regardless of where the ball lands. If, additionally, the golden ball lands on the chosen lucky number, the payout increases to 350 to 1.Interblock is a worldwide leading developer and supplier of luxury electronic table gaming products. Its multi-player gaming devices set industry standards and provide the ultimate luxury interactive entertainment experiences. The Interblock brand is globally recognised for diamond-quality gaming solutions and technical support in more than 258 jurisdictions. Interblock’s exclusive collection of fully and semi-automated electronic gaming tables and video gaming solutions provide casinos, arcades, and gambling halls with superior product performance and their guests with an unforgettable gaming experience.