In focus: IQ Soft

By Gambling Insider
We speak to Nerses Khachatryan, Founder and CEO at IQ Soft.

What does it mean to be an Independency Provider?

Our research and experience in the iGaming industry has been surprising to us, because we feel there is a synergy between the human natural needs and the rules and needs of the industry. As soon as operations become bigger and more stable, they start to think about their independence, sovereignty and safety. Understanding that in our century those are about technology and provided solutions, our team of engineers designed and implemented gaming industry-related solutions, which can be delivered as a white-box with source codes for online and land-based gaming operations. Owning our provided solutions, companies can run multiple operations themselves and control everything from one single point, decide the markets where and when they want to enter and keep their operational sensitive data safe on their own ecosystem. Every year, numerous companies are becoming independent using the solutions and technologies we provide, as a result ofwhich the community of our independent partners decided to stamp IQ Soft as Independency Provider.

What are the business models and how do we define them?

The two main verticals with which we offer our iGaming advantages are the Independency and Revenue Share business models.

The Revenue Share business model is designed for rising stars, with all possible tools to enter strongly into the market and achieve a fair market share in no time. IQ Soft’s Revenue Share business model is unique, with non-standard conditions like:

  • No setup fees
  • No monthly minimums
  • The launch of a new brand within 24 hours

With our solutions you will not only compete with up-to-date tools, you will also plant your tree in IQ Island of Independency.

The Independency business model is something new in the market, where you have a chance to become the owner of an advanced platform’s Source Codes and shape your new standards in the market. The most simple way to become a game changer is to own the game-changing platform instead of renting it. It gives you the ability to become unique: with unique ideas, unique platform, unique features and unique brand. The ability to develop branded content will allow your operation or your B2B partners to feel the advantages and all of the platform’s capabilities.