In focus: Pronet Gaming

By Gambling Insider
By Alex Leese, CEO at Pronet Gaming

Pronet Gaming has experienced two years of unparalleled growth, despite the well-documented difficulties that have arisen during that time. This culminated in our announcement late last year that we had hit our three-year growth targets, 18 months ahead of schedule. A crucial element of this rapid progress was the popularity of our platform solutions across a wide range of global markets, especially in Africa and LatAm. A two-fold rise in turnover for the business was celebrated in conjunction with signing more than 35 new clients during this period.

The strategic and rapid implementation of content integrations with top-tier providers, including Golden Race, EvenBet, UltraPlay and Sportradar, have served to boost our product range across the swiftly growing verticals of esports and virtual sports, as well as online poker. Each of these fields have enjoyed increased and enduring levels of prominence as a result of the pandemic.

On top of this, we have been able to offer our customers an entirely modular platform solution, which has proven hugely beneficial to operators across regions that have vast cultural differences and preferences. Operators utilising our system are able to cherry-pick those sports and markets they feel will particularly appeal to their customers, and embellish them with a range of specific features and widgets; creating differentiation in the marketplace and increasing engagement levels through a more attractive experience.

Customisation has been at the heart of our overall strategy. Combining this with effective speed-to-market capabilities and product innovation has made for a formidable strategy. We can deliver more quickly than any other platform provider. To add to this, we launched a range of widgets, Popular Bets and Popular Events, in October. These allow operators to show the top 10 bets and events in a particular market, automatically refreshing at five-minute intervals.

Being able to offer customers an intuitive, innovative solution for boosting engagement was satisfying and it meant that with minimal effort on behalf of operators, they were safe in the knowledge that players would be constantly shown the most popular events and bets at any given moment. It was also vital in creating a hassle-free, personalised engagement tool, with Popular Bets and Popular Events auto-populating according to the requirements of a particular operator’s market.

We have struck a series of exciting deals in recent months, with Tenlot standing out as the first major brand, encompassing dedicated national and regional lotteries operators across Central America and Africa. It was very much a gateway deal, opening up new opportunities for business that contributed substantially to our success. The launch of in Canada, using our platform, was another highlight. It showed that we were able to rise to the challenge of powering a new brand for an operator that has won a hard-earned reputation as the country’s most legitimate in the face of unregulated competition.

Major events

This year promises to be both a return to normality and to offer extraordinary experiences. Later in 2022, we will see the World Cup heading to Qatar. Once again, in order to continue exceeding growth expectations, we will be looking to develop new solutions that help operators engage and entertain. Coming in the middle of the regular European football season, the 2022 FIFA World Cup will undoubtedly be a tournament like no other for myriad reasons.

Before that, we will get to shake hands with some old friends at the first ICE London exhibition in two years. The show will be ideal to promote our new Managed Services division, Focussed. The user-friendly system offers top-level management capabilities, enabling operators to sharpen their approach to the player experience.

Its CRM capabilities include data segmentation as well as daily, weekly and monthly promotions. While this can be utilised to communicate with logged-in players, Focussed also boasts a team working on all channels of communications; from phone calls to messaging on WhatsApp, email and SMS, which is also supported by leading AI and BI abilities. This will be a complete game changer for our clients.

On top of that, we will be speaking about our major new plans for expansion into Asia at the show. Watch this space on that front – or better still, come along to our stand to find out more.