In focus: Altenar

By Gambling Insider
A through the looking-glass discussion with Altenar COO Dinos Stranomitis on how to choose a sportsbook software provider.

Choosing a sportsbook software provider can be an arduous task that many people would rather not undertake, even if sports betting participation and revenue are vastly increasing around the globe.

Altenar COO and Co-Founder Dinos Stranomitis has key information on how choosing a sports betting software provider doesn’t have to be the mammoth task you may believe it to be.

With years of expertise under his belt, it’s no wonder many professionals within the iGaming and online gambling sectors come to Dinos for advice, help and most of all, Altenar’s full solution software.

So what does one of Altenar’s Co-Founders have to say on the current state of the sports betting market, and how should this affect your choice in sportsbook software providers? When speaking with Stranomitis there is an air of knowledge around him, the kind that comes from years of experience and a hands-on approach to his life-dedicated work: sports betting technology. His name and achievements with Altenar proceed him and getting to the core of the sports betting world didn’t take long.

How would you explain the shift to online gambling and the desire for online access since 2020?

Stranomitis smiles his signature grin and explains: "As a sportsbook software provider we need real-time sports coverage of what’s happening in every stadium or sporting event around the world to successfully operate. With Covid-19 preventing access to these venues, data had to be expunged from other means like television, where a satellite delay can far exceed the typical good user experience
delay of five to six seconds."

The Altenar COO continues with vigour: "We need to, as a sports betting provider, have a complete understanding of what’s happening live, which is slowly returning to pre-Covid delay time; and in some regions like Latin America, the sports betting arena has seen several in-land operators make the jump to online operations as a direct result of the pandemic. This requires Altenar to adhere to the demand, which we’re more than capable of."

The believer of information technology as the future of iGaming goes on to describe the increased interest in sports betting and move to online gambling post-pandemic: "Through data and statistics Altenar discovered that from 2022 to 2027 the predicted revenue growth in sports betting was over $2.5bn and the most used device in CAGR percentage was mobile, with a 10.7% winning outcome showing that the pandemic may have hastened the somewhat inevitable move to online gambling, iGaming and sports betting’.

Stranomitis added: "Choosing the right sportsbook software provider is equally, if not more important now, as it was in the emergence of online sports betting in the 1990s. Something I have spoken on in the past is the need for a ‘mobile-only’ approach, and then expanding and building from a four-inch screen to the needs of the market you’re looking to enter."

With Dinos’ trademark smile still brightening his face, the COO of Altenar adds a final few words: "Choosing a sportsbook provider like Altenar offers you access to numerous markets, several data providers and a level of expertise that has witnessed the birth and growth of the online sports betting arena. As the world adopts technology more each day, it will only benefit your online gambling business moving forward."