In focus: BtoBet

By Gambling Insider
Evolving the sportsbook platform according to operators’ needs and feedback.

BtoBet is a leading sportsbook platform provider with a wide presence in the vast majority of regulated markets. Its successes have led the company to be considered as a gateway to emerging markets, particularly Africa and Latin America. This while establishing itself as a trustworthy partner for betting and gambling powerhouses in the more mature markets requiring constant technological innovation. The experience gained at the forefront of these advanced landscapes allows BtoBet to have a deep understanding of the requirements of the market, and anticipating bookmakers’ and operators’ needs.

By undertaking a scalable and fully customisable approach with its sportsbook platform, BtoBet ensures the flexibility that operators require to be unique in the market and differentiate their brand. We give them the opportunity to personalise their offers through an interconnected omnichannel environment.

The Neuron 3 sportsbook platform is built from the ground up having the operators’ requirements in place; and is a sportsbook solution that seeks to leverage the operators’ market knowledge, with the product evolution and roadmap mirroring customer feedback.

The main distinct element that distinguishes BtoBet from other iGaming and sportsbook platform providers is its cutting-edge proprietary technology that allows operators to tailor their user experience according to each and every player profile. Such a personalised betting experience is allowed through in-depth data harnessing reliant on a very wide bank of filters and parameters. This allows operators to not only offer a personalised experience on a micro-level but also maximise their player lifetime value through an increased rate of engagement.

In parallel to its technological solutions, BtoBet also allows operators to leverage its knowledge and expertise through its managed trading services. This is a sportsbook management solution that simplifies the day-to-day operations for bookmakers through an ad hoc suite of services, which reflects a particular bookmaker’s requirements in terms of size of operations, risk management and level of trading experience.

BtoBet’s global footprint, with its platforms being compliant to the vast majority of local market requirements, is particularly deemed as an asset to operators as the industry becomes even more widespread globally, yet increasingly local and fragmented. This evolution will place an even greater burden on product compliance to deliver exciting, localised and regulatory compliant products to their customers.

Dima Reiderman, BtoBet’s Chief Operating Officer, commented that with the sportsbook vertical growing exponentially on a global level, operators are facing many challenges when it comes to the platforms themselves, particularly when it comes to regulation.

He further stated that the development of cutting-edge sportsbook platforms have become increasingly complex and costly. Developing a platform that meets the bare minimum with regard to operating safely and user experience is a major challenge in itself; let alone the challenge of developing and maintaining a highly engaging and exciting sportsbook, which increases in complexity year-on-year and requires the continuous evolution of technology.

Reiderman added that it is only through this continuous evolution of the technology at the core of the platform that allows BtoBet to deliver exciting sports betting experiences to the players, and eventually allow its partners to increase their market share. Reiderman added: “Our eyes are set firmly on consistently providing players with new and stimulating ways to enhance their betting experience,e through the provision of a cutting-edge sportsbook platform to our partners.”