In focus: DS Virtual Gaming

By Gambling Insider
We speak with Araksi Sargsyan, Head Of Business Development at DS Virtual Gaming.

What is your star product/main service?

The victory run of DS Virtual Gaming (DSVG) started with DS Software GmbH’s launch in Austria, in 2003; which instantly started making waves with its strong dedication and fresh ideas. Today, it is a household industry name with strong recognition among countless betting shops and online gaming software developers. Right from the get go, DS Virtual Gaming positioned itself as a distribution company and comprehensive service provider that has the customer at heart; our support, for example, is a no-nonsense setup, swift, and hassle-free for all partners seeking to tackle issues regarding licensing and technical solutions. All partners have direct contact with our business developers, who help them with the growth of their company by relying on our vast experience in the industry. The entire portfolio of DSVG consists of top products. RacingDogs, RacingDogs+, RacingHorses, RacingKarts, KickboxMania and Roulette are established bestsellers, and promise long-lasting fun with the highest standards. RacingDogs is, however, the epitome of a classic. It proves to be the most iconic and charismatic game. It is visually easy to play for both novice and experienced bettors alike.

Who is/are your key personnel?

Since its inception, DSVG has counted on talented, dedicated and thoroughbred experts who have contributed to the continuing and ongoing success of the company, through the dissemination of their know-how and skills. Being a small company with a flat hierarchical structure, this has always allowed us to be flexible and adapt to changes, as all employees  are effectively involved in more than one department. Communication and short decision processes have been the secret ingredients to the thriving of the business. In our company, each employee is a key figure, since the present and future of DS Virtual gaming depends on their actions. Every idea or thought is valuable, and motivation is  an unshakable component of success. My colleagues know our success is impossible without their dedication and energy. That is why people have been working here for years, feeling their involvement and necessity. My position as Head of Business Development is rather a novel job title that unites more than one task. It arose out of the necessity to combine sales, account management and business development in general. I enjoy this multidisciplinary task as it gives me a good overview of the entire business.

What makes you stand out?

There are many aspects that differentiate us from the competition. First, our approach is and has always been to showcase virtuals with real, pre-recorded graphics. DS Virtual Gaming uses a selection of over 20,000 videos of real races to create a realistic track-side experience. The RTP for DS Virtual Gaming’s products is between 88% and 96%. The pay-out rates cannot be manipulated. This guarantees satisfied long-term customers thanks to stable winnings. Players trust in our games and know they will not be swindled.

Also, the fact that we are a small company gives us the possibility to respond to customers’ requirements in no time. We treat our customers as our partners. Honesty and trust are the basis to our relationship. Because their success translates into our success.

What is your strategic outlook for 2022?

First of all, we are very excited to announce the introduction of a new title around kickboxing that will set new standards in the area of martial arts in virtual sports. The second project we are envisaging is the new interpretation or rebirth of RacingHorses, with new video content in HD quality and fresh presentation.

It is noteworthy mentioning the achievements of last year, as this year’s projects build on their completion. The harmonisation of the mobile and online solution was a big milestone in 2021.

Moreover, we are developing new games that have no analogues in the industry and we believe they will be a new must-have for the operators.Our focus will remain the exploration and penetration of legal markets. Our next goals are the regulated markets in Europe, LatAm and Africa. We also look forward to meeting our industry peers at exhibitions and summits. The last two years were very challenging and we hope we can return to normality soon.