1 April, 2022

In focus: Sportingtech

By Victoria Bonner, CMO, Sportingtech

Sportingtech is an award-winning, full-service platform provider that specialises in betting and gaming solutions for regulated and emerging markets across the globe.

Based in six offices around the world, the Sportingtech team has more than ten years’ experience in delivering scalable sports betting and iGaming solutions to the global betting and gaming industry. Offering sports, casino, live games, retail and esports with extensive customisation options, the company utilises its knowledge of worldwide gaming to lead from the front. Specialising in regulated markets, it places emphasis on key regions such as Europe, LatAm and Africa.

Sportingtech’s flagship product is the Quantum platform, which provides players with an optimal betting experience that ensures operators have the ability to build a tailored operation.

The sportsbook has over 65 sports to choose from and features more than 1,000 betting markets, while its casino offers a portfolio of more than 9,000 games from hundreds of the industry’s leading studios.

Fast and scalable, the omni-channel platform currently processes more than 500 million bets from more than 150,000 unique players each month. Its particular focus is on providing a robust and adaptable platform, utilising modularity for partners; an aspect of Quantum that highlights it as up-and-coming market leader is its ability to be customised to meet the individual requirements of each customer. The solution is designed to offer unparalleled flexiblity, offering the ability to manage and integrate any features that suit specific market and business needs. The company’s existing operator customers place huge value in Quantum’s ability to configure the sportsbook and casino offering to create a player-centric betting experience.

This capability is well positioned for the industry’s current demand for an omnichannel experience whether it’s for a new brand, the migration of an existing online operation or a land-based business looking to expand into online. Quantum’s scalability and technical set up is such that it eases this transition, accurately transposing an existing land-based model to digital or building a brand new online identity from the ground up.

It is this modularity and its many benefits that has seen Quantum rapidly expand its reach. Quantum is an innovative solution that allows its customers to remain fluid and adaptable to the industry’s many different barriers to success. It is a constant challenge to set oneself apart from the competition to gain the upper hand and attend to the ever-changing needs of the player, and Quantum’s flexible nature gives its customers the ability to do this quickly and easily.

Nowhere has this been more apparent than in Sportingtech’s recent success in the LatAm region, where Quantum’s strong presence has been key to forging new opportunities and fuelling rapid growth. Delivery time is a matter of six-to-eight weeks and its fastest migration was completed in under three. The company’s agile platform has proven to deliver growth for multiple operators in countries that are experiencing regulatory shifts, as well as increased activity in the digital space.

Sportingtech’s expertise and knowledge of multiple markets has allowed it to design Quantum with flexibility in mind, giving it the capability to be quickly localised and deployed at short notice. One-size no longer fits all, so well-designed software like Quantum is the optimal choice for any size of operator – it allows for an accelerated time to market with true product localisation, allowing quick and seamless integration.

Sportingtech’s previous 12 months have been a series of success stories, seeing the company’s revitalised and rejuvenated Quantum platform go from strength-to-strength in worldwide regulated markets. This year will see it build on this – with a number of partnerships already sealed and plenty more in the pipeline, it has started how it means to go on.