6 May, 2022


“Hoory is an AI-powered assistant, designed for businesses to automate their customer interactions,” noted Hoory Product Owner Hamlet Arakelyan at ICE London 2022.

“For BetConstruct partners, we have betting solutions so that our AI assistant can help companies place bets, guide their users with useful insights  and much more in the world of gambling.

“We have launched the product; it’s not only for people who are looking to automate their customer communication, but it’s also for people who are looking for human-like assistance, because that’s
what Hoory’s biggest value is. It acts like a human, but it is a virtual assistant. We offer a free trial now, so try it out and see it how it goes!”

Hoory can help businesses handle more customers, save money and time, increase availability and help connect teams.


  • Understands what your customers need
  • Accumulates knowledge through the power of AI
  • Shares knowledge with your customers in human-like conversations
  • Helps customers resolve their problems instantly
  • Allows you to understand and gain insights into customer behaviour