6 May, 2022


Speaking at ICE London 2022, Galaxy Gaming presents Ricochet Poker, a poker variant.

A Galaxy Gaming spokesperson said: “How it differs from most poker games is that, mainly, the dealer antes into a pot. It’s a pot-based game, where every player plays against other players and against the dealer, for that pot of money at the end. It’s essentially a five-card poker game where the best hand wins and takes it all.

“Everybody antes in, each player starts with two cards and the dealer has all five at once. So instead of standard poker, where you start on one side and move into a position all the way, the name ricochet comes in here, where the hand to act is the lowest two-card hand. So action is to that lowest hand to see if they want to play and receive their remaining three cards, to try to become the highest hand. If that hand loses, it’s discarded and their ante and play wagers go into the pot, and the last person standing wins the entire pot.

“What’s great about Ricochet Poker – especially as we’re all coming back from the pandemic – is that it really has a community feel, because everyone is playing and cheering in a different way; it’s not just an individual player playing against a pay-table or a dealer, for example. Rather that the money is being pooled and there is great excitement there, especially when everything is back in the casino the way it should be.”

The game also has optional bonus wagers; Hedge Bet and Rapid Fire. The former is when a player wagers that the dealer’s five-card hand achieves a winning triggering event according to the posted paytable, while the latter is when a player wagers that their initial two-card hand will beat (or tie) the dealer’s five-card hand. Winning triggering events are paid according to the posted paytable.