6 May, 2022


The Alfastreet Lucky 8 has been rapidly climbing the ranks of the most successful products since its introduction in 2016. Considered an alternative to the recognised R8, it was conceived as a more space-efficient and economical interpretation of an eight-station automated electronic roulette cabinet.

Despite offering an estimated 25% less space occupancy in comparison to the “big sister,” it still provides the same roulette wheel and same technical components. All of these factors are extremely important and dear to our customers, who value the reliability and proven efficiency of Alfastreet products.

The main features of the machine are:                       

  • perfect ergonomic position for the player, with comfort and excellent overview of the game developments
  • sleek and elegant design, with different chromatic options, to best suit gaming venues worldwide
  • 21,5” HD touch screen monitors, with optional mechanical keyboards
  • state-of-the-art hardware equipment, with choice of industry’s leading components
  • newly designed signage superstructure with HD screens, providing added attraction to the gaming venues, clear and engaging graphics and signature Jackpot solutions
  • ease of operation, including assembly and service access
  • dedicated chairs to ensure the optimum height for the player’s comfort The latest evolution has focused on streamlining the design and optimisation of hardware components, as well as providing it with the new software platform; which introduces extended functionality, new game designs, improved graphics and easier connection to alternative game sources (the machine supports Alfastreet Multigame® and Simultaneous Play® options, that enable the players to play a large number of games simultaneously). Alfastreet has always valued the feedback from the players and operators alike, and strives to implement it to the development of the products to the highest possible extent. As with all other Alfastreet products, the Lucky 8 operators benefit from an impeccable 24/7 support and warranty service to ensure long term care-free operation. The Lucky 8 is a relatively new addition to the product lineup of the company, which has been setting the standards for the gaming industry for almost 30 years, but it is continuing the legacy of the all-conquering R8.