6 May, 2022


Speaking at ICE London 2022, CreedRoomz Live Casino Marketing Director Galust R. Stepanyan noted: “One of the main innovations that we have is the robot hand, the robot croupier, which is called ROBA.

“Basically it’s a pro robot croupier, which is dealing Dragon Tiger and Baccarat already, so we have integrated these two games and we’re starting with the Asian market. They will go forward with blackjack tables as well, so later this year we’ll have blackjack too.

“One of the main points is salaries. For providers taking these robot croupier, the first point is that they are not paying salaries; so in the base of one year, there is a huge amount of money that they are keeping.

“The second point is the speed. It’s dealing in the same speed all the time, 24/7. The third part is the behaviour. The robot croupier doesn’t have any bad moods! It’s always smiling and it always welcomes you.

“What we are suggesting to our partners is that they can have their own custom design of the robot, with colours and with everything else.

“For the rest of the year, we are planning to open 10 more tables of the robot croupier, and the blackjack game will also be integrated, as I mentioned."