14 June, 2022

In focus: MoneyLine Powered by PayNearMe

The payments ecosystem in the online betting space is fragmented and complex. Operators often rely on an array of point solutions, each solving a specific challenge but falling short on offering a connected, seamless experience. This makes it cumbersome for large operators to innovate, while making it difficult for up-and-coming operators to get to market quickly.

MoneyLine™, powered by PayNearMe, makes the payment experience easy for operators and players — all in a single, powerful platform. It was built off the backbone of the most successful cash payment solution in the industry, trusted by nine of the 10 largest US iGaming operators and 16 of the top 17 largest online casinos in the US. Today, the platform offers major tender types available to operators, including cards, ACH, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Venmo and cash at retail.

The MoneyLine platform solves the complexities of end-to-end money movement, seamlessly combining capabilities for gateway, deposits, payouts, cashiering, cash-at-cage, analytics and financial operations. Operators can provide their players with a frictionless payments experience, while getting to market quickly and reducing the total cost of payments. For both new and established operators, MoneyLine is the most efficient way to take advantage of all that a next-gen payments provider has to offer in a single, scalable platform.

With MoneyLine, operators can manage the full payment journey, from the initial deposit, payouts and repeat deposits, through to settlement and management of funds, to optimise the player experience across every touchpoint. New payment types and other features can be added with ease, allowing operators to deliver purpose-built experiences that meet the needs of players today and in the future. Operators can leverage MoneyLine to address a number of payments needs, including:

  • Solving for tech debt: The MoneyLine platform gives operators a way to consolidate major deposit and withdrawal types into a single platform. Doing so eliminates the need to manage multiple integrations, allowing operators to simplify payment management and reconciliation, as well as reduce technical overhead. It also provides a way to quickly add new tender types without going through a lengthy evaluation, selection and implementation process in the future.
  • Getting to market fast: Whether you are a new entrant, or an existing operator launching in new states, it’s important to be able to get to market fast. MoneyLine offers everything needed to deploy payments quickly, freeing up operators to focus on other launch priorities.
  • Innovation as a differentiator: To stand out in a crowded market, operators must ensure their payment platform offers all major payment options for deposits and payouts, all in a consistent, easy-to-use experience. MoneyLine provides a way to offer major tender types and create a best-in-class payment experience for players with unique features, such as the ability to withdraw funds in cash at participating ATMs.
  • Future-proofing the payments roadmap: Continuing to evolve by offering modern deposit options (such as PayPal and Venmo) to the cashier is a must. But many operators simply don’t have the bandwidth, scale or direct integrations to do so. With MoneyLine, operators can connect to an existing ecosystem that allows them to quickly add new tender types, without developing multiple direct relationships with different payment vendors.

To see MoneyLine, powered by PayNearMe, in action, visit paynearme.com/moneyline/ or email [email protected]