14 June, 2022

In focus: Trust Payments

Are you playing to win? Trust Payments makes sure you always are…

Accelerate your local and global presence, customer playing experience, and drive greater conversions with Trust Payments’ secure industry-leading pay-in and pay-out frictionless platform.

Why us?

If you want to get the most out of your payments platform, then Trust Payments is the provider for you!Instant deposits, withdrawals – our pay-in and pay-out solution will keep your players ahead of the game and give you the upper hand on competitors.

We understand that in online gaming, every hour matters. Unlike traditional retail, your players will be active around the clock, which is why our global 24/7 support will be there to help with whatever you need, whenever you need it.

On top of this, our dedicated account management team will tailor your experience to your needs. Don’t want ageneric, one size fits all service? Then enjoy one tailored by an acquirer with 15 years of experience working with high-risk gaming firms, well-equipped to help you navigate the tricky world of gambling regulations all over the globe.

All over the globe?

With 11 offices all around the world, when we say global, we mean it. Our team can help you wherever you operate, as well as enable youto expand into new markets.

Our gateway supports multiple languages, with the majority of European countries catered for.This helps you drive conversions by making customers feel more comfortable at the checkout. If that’s not enough, our platform also allows you to accept over 50 processing currencies, as well as a range of alternative payment methods, so you can support your customers no matter where they’re from.

We’re Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) licensed in the UK and hold a Malta Financial Services Authority(MFSA) Acquiring license in Malta, giving us full access to both the UK and EU markets. On top of this, we also hold gambling licenses in 6 US States.Thanks to the established presence of our knowledgeable and dedicated team in all three markets, we are uniquely well-positioned to understand your current customers, as well as prospective ones.

What do we know about gaming?

Quite a bit, actually. With gaming’s status as ‘high-risk’ for many major banks, we know that getting an acquirer on board can be difficult- in some cases, this has become so bad that providers have even been terminating or suspending their existing client accounts, purely due to their status as gaming merchants. That’s why our approval rates are so high, and our onboarding times are so low- we help you get set up so that you can focus on the stuff that matters.

What’s more, we help you to mitigate the risks you incur as a gaming merchant. Increasing fraud and chargebacks will always be a challenge for gaming operators due to fraudster threats, which can in turn result in reputational damage and large costs for you.

With this in mind, we’ve created advanced fraud prevention tools to monitor consumer behaviour and prevent fraudulent activity. We have internal risk, fraud, and chargebacks teams to manage our individual clients, identify current risks and patterns and provide comprehensive support to our merchants in managing their fraud and chargebacks ratios. We also support 3D Secure version 2.2 to provide the latest Secure Customer Authentication for further protection against fraud and chargebacks.

As if this weren’t enough, merchants have also had to deal with regulations that are continually evolving and changing. With changes such as the UK Gambling Commission’s decision to ban credit cards for gambling payments jeopardising merchants’ ability to comply, the importance of having a payments platform that is up to date with local legal requirements is clear.

We also offer relationships and integrations with a range of relevant service providers and platforms such as Visa Verify, Mastercard Ethoca and Chargebacks911 to identify and eliminate Chargebacks earlier and at source.

In summary

It’s simple- gaming merchants trust us. That’s why of the £56 billion we process annually; gaming makes up over 20%. With Trust Payments, you gain access to a truly global payments platform that will support you and your customers the whole way- You can trust us on that. Learn more