14 June, 2022

In focus: Tiger Pay

Tiger Pay is relatively new in the vast e-wallet market, having only launched in 2020.

With some unique features and characteristics, it has rapidly become one of the most preferred e-wallets in Japan.

Tiger Pay is specially designed to work in this industry, attracting operators across the globe trying to penetrate the highly competitive Japanese market.

Tiger Pay offers a fast, easy and secure service. Signing up and opening an account with us takes only a few minutes.

Furthermore, we provide a wide range of convenient deposit and withdrawal methods and work under a Georgian financial licence.

There are also in-wallet exchange services at Tiger Pay, meaning one can convert between crypto and fiat currencies, and vice versa. Our service also makes it possible to convert between both different crypto and fiat currencies (crypto/ fiat, fiat/fiat, crypto/crypto, etc.).

Additionally, there is an option to obtain a Tiger Pay prepaid card. It is your own Tiger Pay prepaid card which supports JPY and USD, and you can use it in stores and withdraw from ATMs. Needless to say, many Japanese customers like this feature for its convenience.

Moreover, Tiger Pay is making its e-wallet more practical for customers; it’s made by Japanese people for Japanese people. 

Like any other successful high-end service provider, we prioritise the preferences of Japanese customers over internal operational objectives.

Japanese customers can often be very particular when choosing the right services for them. For instance, we’ve learnt that, in many cases, Japanese customers prefer to make their transactions in cash because they do not want to share their private data online. Therefore, we made sure multiple cash options were made available for customers, with their comfort and security in mind. 

One such option is our “quick deposit service” via PayEasy, a popular fast payment method in Japan.

Another can be found in the form of our dedicated customer service. Our CS operators are all native Japanese speakers who can attend to any customer issues in a strictly professional and polite manner.

At Tiger Pay, we rely on healthy relationships with Japan-based online casinos. Many major online operators have integrated our solutions, and more and more are queuing up. Integrating Tiger Pay into your website, as an operator, will allow you to reach our wallet users; all of whom would align with your target demographic. 

Finally, Tiger Pay provides marketing support services. These include mail/newsletters for our users, unique bonus campaigns exclusively available for our users, in-site and in-wallet banners etc.

Moreover, Tiger Pay is part of “Tiger Solutions,” which provides 360 degrees services for any newcomers into Japan market (e.g., marketing, games, compliance, ads, SEO, etc), so a synergy between these services would assure you get ahead of competition in Japan. 

It’s clear Tiger Pay is the payment solution you need if you want to create a success story in the Japanese market. 

Our team is ready to answer any question you may have: just contact us! For any and all queries, you can mail us at [email protected]