14 June, 2022

In focus: Trustly Raising the game in gaming

Since it was founded in 2008, Trustly has become a global leader in online banking payments. Using the freedoms of open banking, our digital account-to-account platform has redefined the speed, simplicity and security of payments.

We link some of the world’s biggest and most prominent merchants with consumers directly from their bank accounts, allowing simple, quick and transparent account-to-account debit payments, which make it easier than ever before for people to spend the money they have with no fees, no delays and no need for credit.

Unlike the competition, Trustly handles the entire payment journey, enabling us to offer an attractive alternative to the legacy card networks at a significantly lower cost. Today we serve 8,100 merchants, connecting them with 525 million consumers and 6,300 banks in over 30 countries; and in 2020 we processed over $21bn in transaction volume in our global network.

Gaming is in our blood

Trustly is a powerful player in the gaming industry, offering improved acquisition, increased customer loyalty and reduced admin among other key benefits. We allow gaming providers to accept payments, issue payouts and access valuable user insights. Easy activation and multi-currency functionality gives you the power to expand your business across borders, with access to more than half a billion customers across Europe, the Americas and Australia.

Trustly technologies allow your customers to get in the game instantly by depositing funds securely and seamlessly in real time, to a wide range of services from any device with no cards, no downloads, no registrations and no worries.

Faster gaming is more rewarding gaming

Trustly’s roots are in gaming, and it remains a key part of our business. Our products and technologies are designed to make gaming smoother, easier, faster and more fun for players, while working to increase loyalty, retention and revenue for providers; at the same time as minimising risk and ensuring compliance with financial and gaming regulations.

Trustly Express, which has launched in Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK, makes gaming even easier by reducing the number of steps at checkout for returning users. Instead of long, complicated registration and deposit processes with a five-step flow, including two so-called Strong Customer Authentications (SCA’s) where the consumer identifies themself, Trustly Express brings the flow down to a single payment confirmation page and only one SCA.

This faster, more seamless process allows returning consumers to complete their debit payment twice as fast, with the SCA step typically being carried out almost unnoticed using the biometric security features (such as fingerprint or face recognition) on their smartphones.

Pay and Play is another powerful tool which makes gaming quicker, simpler and more fun. By combining the registration and deposit processes, we have created a truly seamless experience. It builds loyalty and increases operational efficiency, while allowing operators to stay compliant by identifying and verifying players when they make a deposit, thus fulfilling both initial and ongoing KYC requirements.

Instant payouts for a live casino experience

When players win, they expect to get their money fast. Trustly gives you a fast, secure and simple way to pay out funds – which does wonders for your customer experience… and loyalty.

Our vast bank coverage also means we can process your payouts in a wide range of currencies, so your customers stay happy wherever you are. In a world where customers demand instant, painless payment and payout solutions in both gaming and retailing – and where they are less forgiving of delays, complications or other snags – Trustly keeps you ahead of the pack. Our range of products and services are all designed with one thing in mind – to make paying and playing easier and better than ever before.