14 June, 2022

In focus: AstroPay

Founded in 2009, AstroPay is one of the world’s pioneering payment solutions, with extensive experience in managing the specificities of emerging markets; offering efficient and reliable solutions to all customers, end users and merchants, regardless of where they are located.

Following the recent expansion and launch of services in Europe, AstroPay is now accessible to customers across the globe, spanning the world’s largest continents including Latin America, Asia and Africa. Over six million users are already benefiting from AstroPay, along with 1.000 merchants via more than 200 payment methods globally.

AstroPay provides traditional card payment methods as well as a wide range of guaranteed alternative payment options to customers, to help them avoid common issues such as payment rejections, fraud and credit approval.

In 2020, it launched its digital wallet solution, One Touch, that allows merchants to process payments and withdrawals quickly, easily and securely. From a single integration, merchants can access the benefits such as having greater control over transactions and minimising risk, receiving payments with a simple ‘touch;’ with automatic approval for recurring users, KYC verification and identification control, and access to analytics and reports, as well as fraud alerts that meet the levels of security and compliance required nowadays.

Consumers use AstroPay to make online transactions on international websites, using their preferred local payment methods in local currency. The digital wallet solution allows users to make deposits and withdrawals directly and seamlessly from merchants’ sites, which generates an increase in conversion rates.

AstroPay has an unparalleled track record when it comes to doing business in emerging markets. For more than 13 years, it has been dealing with the specificities of each region, which has provided it with a vast array of experience in developing strategy, as well as innovating products and services to satisfy users from different cultures and backgrounds.

 For AstroPay, user experience is at the core of its business, as providing an excellent and seamless payment journey offers meaningful support to users and assures a better conversion rate. The team analyses users’ response and feedback, and adapts quickly to their requirements. Users can make payments and withdrawals directly from merchants’ sites, which avoids friction during the payment process.

Understanding the user is of paramount importance, especially when providing a way of payment, and building a sense of trust and security. Using their language and comprehending how they like to pay, as well as their access to connectivity and technologies, generates a sense of closeness, as well as brand engagement. Having the experience of working in so many different markets makes AstroPay unique and agile to adapt to consumers’ ever-changing needs, and to provide clients with a reliable payment solution. One of the keys is having dedicated teams in each market to work in ensuring the business operates with a strong understanding of the local market landscape, to provide the best user experience.

AstroPay engineering process includes specific tools to obtain user feedback to analyse. The use of different metrics to measure conversion rates enables making adjustments when necessary. This process makes the solution very agile when changes are needed, and it enables a solid response capacity.

AstroPay is known for its versatile solutions that provide merchants with access to a community of over six million users, helping to promote their brand, as well as enabling them to grow their business globally in more than 150 countries, from a single integration.