28 September, 2022

Attracting & retaining players

Aruze Gaming President Rob Ziems discusses the supplier’s Muso 55 and Muso 32 cabinets, ahead of the duo's moment in the sun at G2E.

Can you tell us all about Aruze’s Muso cabinets and how you will display them at G2E?

Our over 4,000 sq ft booth at G2E will display a multitude of our Muso cabinets, in various combinations, from three pods to four, five and six pods. We will be showcasing the Muso Curve 55 – Midnight Edition Cabinet with its unique honeycomb pattern and eye-catching graphics designed to attract attention from all over the gaming floor.

Muso Curve 55 is part of Aruze’s new Premium Core product line, and one of only a handful of cabinets of this size and calibre available for sale in the market. Properties can now own this EGM with the most up-to-date technology while having access to the latest compelling slot themes.

What main factors did you consider when designing the Muso 55 and Muso 32?

With the recent trend of having larger screens on gaming cabinets, it has become difficult to differentiate which cabinet is from which gaming manufacturer. Aruze’s latest design stems from the original Muso design and is intended to further distinguish the Aruze product from other manufacturers.

Using the 55-inch screen, we removed the organic patterned back panel lighting, which was a distinctive feature of the previous model (MUSO Curve 43/ Triple 27), and instead adopted a lighting concept based on a cool hex/honeycomb pattern and midnight black color that maximises the lighting effect.

We are confident these key features will be identifiable as Aruze gaming cabinets even from a distance.

How does Aruze vary its products across America, Australia and other branches/markets?

Due in part to regulation, every game will have different specifications tailored to its market. However, Aruze also customises its games according to each market’s player preferences and local trends.

To produce games for each market, Aruze has game designers who focus on the specific market, customising the games based on regional preferences. Instead of evaluating the game using a simulator, game developers actually play the game while considering the psychology of players and making detailed adjustments based on their experience.

Generally, what do you look for in your next big product – and what does it take to create a high-performing casino product?

Today’s casino players are a diverse mix of traditional slot enthusiasts and digital natives. With technology woven into every aspect of our lives, current casino goers have different entertainment expectations than players from even a few short years ago. Play style preferences are as varied as the demographics, but the constant among them all is the desire to win. The excitement from a well-executed wagering journey draws players in and keeps them coming back.

Attracting and retaining players requires a unique, innovative and diverse game portfolio –not only of game titles but of play styles as well – to satisfy today’s diverse gaming demographic. While today’s players love traditional slot experiences, they are also ready for new gambling adventures; including those that combine traditional play with new technologies, like hybrid ETGs, to create surprising and modern gaming experiences that today’s players love. 

Aruze Gaming provides innovative and surprising gambling products for today’s players. Our hybrid ETGs, video slots, and Activ-Play(TM) gambling devices provide players with new ways to have fun, whether it be via electronic table games (ETG), video slots, Activ-Play(TM) gambling devices or other unique gaming platforms. Casino operators need to diversify their portfolios and appeal to a wide range of demographics with new and surprising gaming solutions, ones that blend traditional gaming experiences with new technologies to create new playstyles. A win for both casino operators and today’s players. Aruze brings new play styles to life with Lucky Roulette, Go Go Claw and our Roll to Win and Shoot to Win Craps. We will continue to leverage technology to create new ways to play.