28 September, 2022

Product Review: Dallmeier - SeMSy®5 Casino Operating System

Dallmeier offers a Casino Operating System (COS) called HEMISPHERE® SeMSy®5, a software platform, which helps casinos to easily, control and optimise their core areas: gaming, surveillance and marketing.

“A single pane of glass:” analytics, data, interfaces and video: An essential aspect of SeMSy®5 is the integration, presentation and processing of many different data sources and interfaces. From video to incident reporting, marketing data and much more. The user selects from a wide range of applications that help casinos maximise efficiency and workflows. For example, casino surveillance users can control their complete video surveillance system and quickly create a “digital evidence file” that includes corresponding video, notes, reports and useful information. 

The main advantage of SeMSy®5 is that all functions and data are fully integrated into the SeMSy® video and data management world, saving time and cost with considerably less complex work processes. All in all, important findings from previously unused data sources are utilised and synergies can be achieved. Customer retention benefits from Smart marketing measures: Eventually, casino operators can gain access to a previously hidden data through SeMSy®’s integration of video technology-based functions (eg people counting, face recognition etc). Plus, data from Point of Sale (POS), Slot Data and Smart Shoes systems and more, can be aligned with corresponding video to make searches more efficient. AI-based gaming automation technologies (like Dallmeier’s Casino Automation Technology CAT) and other analysis technologies are also integrated. Collecting, analysing and understanding this data helps casinos better plan their business and make more informed decisions. For example, casinos can now track action and pace of play on all tables; and improve their loyalty programs based on the behaviour and preferences of their visitors. Beyond gaming, adjacent function such as F&B or retail can benefit, by improving their operational efficiency.