28 September, 2022

Product Review: APE & Jumbo - D-27 Slot cabinet

Asia Pioneer Entertainment Holdings Limited (APE), with its subsidiaries, is thrilled to have brought its distribution partner Jumbo Technology Ltd (“Jumbo”) to the casino gaming floor of one of the biggest integrated resorts in Cotai recently. Jumbo, a Taiwan electronic gaming equipment manufacturer, is being brought to Cotai with its awarded product D-27 slot cabinet.

The D-27 slot cabinet produced by Jumbo contains 27-inch dual screen and 10.1-inch configurable button touch panel. The different coloured LED light bars around the cabinet are recognisable, the LED colours will change with the game’s light effects, which can effectively enhance the gaming ambience of the players. Moreover, the ergonomic design of the D-27 slot cabinet provides a user-friendly and ultimate comfort gaming experience for players. At the same time, it has also been approved in the Macau market recently, and it will be compliant to the DICJ 2.0 standard in the near future.