28 September, 2022

Product Review: GeWeTe - Cash Center Premium

The Cash Desk Betting, Cash Center Backloader and Cash Center Slim are our latest additions to the ever increasing and vast range of model from GeWeTe, including the most popular models for the Casino and AGC sector the Cash Center Premium and Cash Recycler Premium.

For the Casino and AGC sectors out Cash Center Premium ticks all of the boxes, with its stylish design, surround lighting, plus the 27” screen this model stands out in any location. The high capacity of notes (12,000) in four denominations plus up to four coin hoppers makes this model very versatile and with the option of bankcard acceptance for Tickets it offers a full range of functions

The reduction of cash in general circulation has generated an increase in electronic transactions including wallet applications, GeWeTe have developed a wide range of functions that can be handled by a single machine and we now have sites offering cash, debit card and Wallet transaction all via a single machine on site.

Cash handling backed by experience and competence

With close to 30 years experience in cash handling, everything GeWeTe supply is developed, designed and assembled at our head office in Mechernich, Germany. These include money exchange machines, automated pay stations, ticket machines and deposit systems. Regardless of banknotes, coins and / or cashless cards or tickets are to be accepted, processed, secured and / or issued, we have a solution for you. With our in-house team of development, production, quality assurance, support, service and sales, our principle is to provide a quick and efficient solution to meet your needs. This has made GeWeTe one of the leading cash handling providers worldwide. Our knowledge in conjunction with our suppliers provides appropriate solutions for checking, issuing and recycling banknotes and coins, together with the processing and generating of tickets and vouchers plus the acceptance of bank cards. All relevant aspects of security are always our main priority thereby, as cash handling is a matter of trust, and trust requires the highest competence.