18 October, 2022

In focus: Sportradar

Sportradar talks through its latest moves in the industry, and what the company will be showcasing at G2E Las Vegas.

Can you provide a summary of Sportradar’s latest updates?

As a B2B company, we have been focused on supporting our clients as they address the opportunities being presented with more states legalising, the Canadian market opening and betting becoming mainstream entertainment. We have invested significantly in the US, as we scale to power one of the world’s largest sports betting markets.

We’re seeing the US market shift from predominantly pre-game betting to more in-game betting, which is the norm in the rest of the world, along with mobile sports betting accelerating as the fastest-growing channel. As a result, it has been a priority to support our customers during such a dynamic period of time.

We have also been focused on the growth of our ad:s platform, which has grown nearly 40% year-on-year, as operators seek more efficient customer acquisition and retention solutions.  Additionally, our managed betting services saw revenue increase 65% year-on-year, and we estimate we are on track to handle between €17bn ($16.98bn) and €20bn worth of transactions this year, which would make us one of the top five bookmakers in the world.

What will the company be showcasing at G2E Las Vegas?

With the betting marketplace growing at a rapid pace in the US, the Ontario market establishing itself, and the needs of operators and other stakeholders continually evolving, we are excited to showcase a wide range of our offerings; including our Managed Trading Services, which meets operator needs regardless of size or maturity in the market. This is alongside our vast and unmatched portfolio of AV streaming content, and best-in-class ad:s marketing service, which helps clients effectively and efficiently engage with sports fans and bettors.

What makes Sportradar stand out from its rivals?

Simply, our size, relationships and position in the sports industry are what make us stand out. Sportradar is the backbone of the sports ecosystem in the US, providing critical data infrastructure and content to the betting and media industries. 

As the sports, betting and media industries converge, we are the company enabling leagues to expand and form direct relationships with their fan bases. We are enabling media companies to develop compelling, deep narratives on sporting events and players, and betting operators to reach and engage fans in a rapidly transforming landscape.

Critically, we fuel the US sports betting industry as the number one provider of sports data, and in many cases as the sole provider to operators who manage nearly every legal sports bet placed by the US.

Finally, via our Integrity service, we monitor the data to detect critical patterns that show everything from potential match-fixing to problem gambling.

What are Sportradar’s plans for the rest of 2022 and 2023?

Massive secular tailwinds are driving the growth of the industry and as a company positioned at the centre of this ecosystem, we will continue to focus on developing innovative products, and delivering high-value solutions that solve customer problems and help them grow their businesses. We’ll also further leverage our relationships with leagues, operators and media companies to create an amazing world for sports fans; as well as support the goals of our industry related to establishing a betting environment that is easier for fans to access while being more exciting and engaging.