18 October, 2022

In focus: DS Virtual Gaming

We speak to Araksi Sargsyan, Head of Business Development at DS Virtual Gaming

What does DS Virtual Gaming do?

DS Virtual Gaming started its activity in 2003, providing virtual games in Europe. What makes us different in the industry is that we have never used animation to show the final result. We have always believed the effect of presence, and the liveliness of what is happening in-game, is very important for players. Our games are based on real events, which were recorded and edited to show the final result for a more immersive experience.

Over time, we repeatedly made sure we initially chose the right direction. At the moment, we have the following games in our arsenal: dog racing (6 and 8), several categories of horseracing, karting, roulette and kickboxing. All events took place in reality and we recorded in HD format. The games are designed to accept bets in all possible directions. For land-based operations we offer a Web Retail Device to enter the cashier programme, POS Retail Device, Mobile Retail Device, Single Player Terminals, and for online operations we offer the latest web and mobile versions of our games. Operators can easily select the games and solutions they are interested in that meet the requirements of their operating markets.

How has the company grown over the years?

Since our head office is located in Austria, our first steps in the gambling industry took place in the European market, in which we occupied a strong niche. At the moment in Europe, we have licences from Great Britain (GC), Italy (ADM), Romania (ONJN) and Malta (MGA) for legal operation. Next, we turned our attention to the African and Latin American markets, where again we quickly found loyal partners. It is worth noting that we have been cooperating with some of our partners for more than 15 years, constantly striving to attract more players to their operation. These players love our games for consistently high odds, uninterrupted content supply, and crystal clear graphics, which we update with enviable constancy, bonuses and jackpots.

Most of the profits from virtual games come from land-based operations, so the pandemic has become a test of strength for us. We’ve put our time behind closed doors to good use by updating our web and mobile versions to improve the player experience. In addition, we have launched new games, karting and kickboxing, which are already enjoying great success. Despite our victories in the past, we would like to focus our attention on the present to build a prosperous future. At the moment, we are obtaining certificates and licences for operating in new markets with the largest operators in the industry.

What is DS Virtual’s star product?

In our segment, dog racing is considered to be the most popular product. A large proportion of all bets fall on this game. For us, roulette also shows an significant result, since many players appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the classic casino game at a betting shop. Our game does not fall under the category of a casino, therefore it is allowed by regulation. Odds and margins are fully consistent with European roulette. Our new game is also in great demand among players because, first of all, it captures and, secondly, it has no analogues. Of course, we are talking about kickboxing and have relied on the emotional component of the game. It is no secret that 98% of players at betting shops are men, and the dynamics of what is happening on the screen fully meets their expectations.

At DS Virtual Gaming, we decided to release games that are not yet represented in the industry, creating our own niche, our own unique style. We believe that, by creating something new, we offer players a wide choice of products, operators get the opportunity to diversify the offer and our colleagues in the segment keep on having a healthy competition.

What are the company’s aims for the rest of 2022?

To answer this question, I will need to tell you about the strategy of our company. Here at DS Virtual Gaming, we most of all value the time and operation of our clients and partners; we sign an agreement only after testing our games at the box office with real players. If the testing is successful and the players are satisfied with our games, then we can start cooperation with a calm heart and a clear conscience. At the moment, our games are being tested by several very large and well-known operators, and we hope to start operating with them soon. Also, our goal for this year is to expand our presence in the Romanian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Panamanian and other markets, which we are actively working on.