27 January, 2023

Product review: Quartz Hybrid – Light & Wonder

Gambling Insider reports from the launch of the Metropolitan Casino in Mayfair, where Light & Wonder’s Quartz Hybrid cabinet was on display

The Quartz Hybrid is a redesign of the original Quartz cabinet, which can connect up to eight live table games together at the same player terminal. It can also connect fully automated table games in the same way.

Featuring a touchscreen with eight different coloured tabs, the Quartz Hybrid lets players switch between different available games, as well as view the live outcomes from each title being played at any of the eight partner terminals.

Each cabinet in the set showcases a 26.5-inch LCD high-definition player touchscreen, as well as a 12.5-inch customisable LCD screen for optional marketing displays and the aforementioned lighting effects.

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