23 March, 2023

Review: Fire & Ice 2023

Fire & Ice returned for its 20th year during ICE London 2023, celebrating the history of iGaming since the first bet was placed online in 1994 to the present day.

The event, called Beyond our Wildest Dreams, aimed to honour the pioneers that developed the industry since its inception, featuring surrealist surroundings, dance troupes, flames and even snakes. The stage show, meanwhile, featured five acts, encapsulating the different eras of the iGaming industry. These acts included illusion artist Johannes Stoetter, aerial artist Leo Hedman and the dance troupe Fuel Girls. Music was provided by Peter Samson, as well as DJ John J-Joy Refalo, among other London-based artists. 

The event was also held in collaboration with GabaLabs and Sentia Spirits, who distributed non-alcoholic shots to guests choosing not to drink alcohol. With VIP tables and a large arena floor featuring a flock of industry representatives – the 20th iteration of Fire & Ice marked an occasion in which networking could happen en masse.

Debuting in 2002, Fire & Ice was at first a small gathering, eventually flourishing into a must-see event for the entire iGaming industry.

What you know as Fire & Ice is over, and anything we do in the future will be something brand new.

Founded by Michael Caselli and Jodie Thind, the Co-Organisers are proud of how the show has grown alongside the iGaming industry itself. Caselli said: “I have been involved in the iGaming industry since 1997 and I have had the incredible privilege to watch it grow, through the efforts of some wonderful friends and colleagues, into something that has exceeded our wildest dreams. This year’s show tells that story and is itself – Beyond our Wildest Dreams.”

However, Fire & Ice 2023 not only marked the 20th iteration of the show, but also the last to take place. In comments made exclusively to Gambling Insider, Co-Organiser Thind said: “What you know as Fire & Ice is over, and anything we do in the future will be something brand new.”

Although this does mark the end of Fire & Ice as it is known – it is clearly not the end of Caselli and Thind’s hopes of putting on iGaming events around ICE. What’s more, with ICE considering four locations from 2025 (one of which, though, is still London), the new model to replace Fire & Ice may be more adapted to suit different city destinations. The exact plans Caselli and Thind have for future iGaming events are, of course, unknown for now – but the industry will undoubtedly wait in anticipation for what the pair have in store. And Gambling Insider will be sure to keep you posted.