23 March, 2023

Keeping up with trends: WorldMatch CEO discusses 2022 and year ahead

Andrea Boratto reviews a successful year and predicts what 2023 has in store, along with key issues such as new partnerships and responsible gaming.

How would you summarise 2022 for WorldMatch?

2022 was a good year of growth for us. We collected the results of the hard work accomplished during all 12 months. Throughout 2022, we released more than 60 games, some of which were created for specific markets and operators. The year that closes was a year that saw results once again grow compared to the previous 12 months, thanks to the consolidation of the positions achieved following our marketing activity and the start of collaborations with new operators.

Keeping up with players guarantees better retention, more fun for the players themselves and a lifetime value in the medium to long term.

Our traditional gaming offer was implemented with new formats, designed to be instant, and to be offered as side games within betting, bingo and poker pages on our customers’ gaming sites. These products include Moon Flight and Cyber She, our first-ever pinballs that are just the beginning of what’s coming in terms of gaming evolution.

We’re also satisfied with our presence at tradeshows. During 2022, our sales team participated with great continuity in most of the international events, as well as some more regional events linked to particularly interesting markets.

WorldMatch has already signed some partnerships in 2023. What do you look for in a partner?

For us, it’s very important to build relationships. What matters to WorldMatch is communication, cooperation and growth. Working closely with our customers allows us to know them and their players better.Together we can choose and plan the best products that will suit the operator’s needs. The plans and strategy that result from the partnership are not fixed, and can change once set depending on the time of year, market, even competitors and how they operate. Many dynamics are involved when partnering with operators, and having a good and sincere relationship of trust is of great help.

What are the key factors when developing exciting online games?

One of the key factors when developing games is not to settle. Our products change, and our gaming offer is tangible proof of that. The players change and the markets change. What a provider needs to do is keep up, try to predict new trends and launch games that will engage players. Keeping up with players guarantees better retention, more fun for the players themselves and a lifetime value in the medium to long term. Our knowledge of the players is a plus for the operators themselves.

We are proud of our games; they are played all over the world and the entire development process is carried out inside the company, from conception, to creativity, to mathematics, to the promotions and launch of the products.

Are there any markets WorldMatch would like to enter in the near future?

We’re always working to enter brand-new regulated markets, expand our presence worldwide and certify our offering of games for the most important regulated jurisdictions.

We would like to enter the American market, which includes the United States and Canada. We’re also working on consolidating our presence in Spain, Portugal and Belgium. We’re aiming for the Romanian market, too, where we will soon be certified.

How important is responsible gaming for WorldMatch?

Responsible gaming is obviously very important for us. We want the players to enjoy our games in the right way and for the right reasons. Our gaming offer is a source of entertainment for 18+ players. Responsible gaming is a huge factor in a sustainable business. Our games have a simplified but comprehensive paytable, we celebrate winnings but we don’t distract the player with fake winnings.

All of our games are tailored according to the highest standards and they all meet the requirements set by the authority of each country we operate in.