23 March, 2023

Bombay Live: VIP luxury with Jose’ Micallef

Bombay Online Managing Director discusses the latest trends in live casino, the benefits of offering a luxury, VIP experience and other topics.

In such a competitive market, what makes Bombay stand out?

The Bombay Experience is about redefining the very nature of luxury experiences. This includes the Bombay Yacht, where we’ve tailored something memorable for our high rollers so they can unwind and socialise in a truly breathtaking environment. We’ve designed everything to meet customers’ best possible expectations, from five-star dining to unforgettable experiences in some of the world’s most memorable locations.

This is about delivering next-level VIP luxury, and it is a concept we are already working on expanding globally, with our first Bombay Club and Hotel set to open in Estonia shortly. We want to raise the bar for what is possible with VIP entertainment.

What are the latest trends in live casino?

We’re in the middle of a technological revolution that is creating extremely fertile ground for innovation in the live casino space. Obviously things like video streaming quality and latency are improving very quickly, but we’re also able to use the latest technology to create new products for our operator partners.

One area we’ve invested heavily in is green screen tech, which lets our operator partners create fully integrated branded experiences which come with static, reactive and animated backgrounds. It’s a huge step because it means any operator can deliver personalised, branded content to their players without the upfront costs of having to run the table themselves.

This is really just the start because we’ve only scratched the surface of what is possible with live casino. It won’t be long before customers will be playing these games in a full metaverse environment. These are exciting times.

How did Bombay fare at ICE London 2023 and what did the company achieve there?

ICE London 2023 was a huge success for Bombay, and quite possibly the best response we’ve ever had at a tradeshow. Our stand was a hub of activity throughout the three days, with visitors wanting to find out more about our ecosystem, whether that be our games’ aggregator Hub88, banking services via Hub Wallet and One.io, branded and bespoke RNG games via OneTouch Studio, games development on our own Wrapper platform, AI-driven support services through proto.cx, VIP VPN services through blufvpn.com and more.

This is all designed to complement the Bombay Experience, and we’re really focused on giving our partners the tools they need to help our products reach their full potential. The show was a great occasion to strengthen existing business ties, as well as generate new opportunities. It has certainly kept us busy following up in the weeks since.

Why do players enjoy the luxury, VIP experience?

Player engagement does not stop with software, however well produced it is. We are in the entertainment business, and that means delivering magical experiences that make the player feel valued and special.

This is all about creating a context that elevates each spin or hand. Winning and losing is not the only objective here; if a player wants to imagine themselves in a Bond movie, at the roulette table with a drink in their hand, we want to provide that. If the experience isn’t memorable, players won’t have much reason to come back.

If a player wants to imagine themselves in a Bond movie, at the roulette table with a drink in their hand, we want to provide that

What does the rest of 2023 have in store for Bombay?

2023 is set to become a landmark year for us at Bombay. Most excitingly, we’ll be extending the luxury experience further by opening a private members’ casino and a luxury boutique hotel to entertain our VIP customers in the historical and picturesque old town of Tallinn in Estonia.

We also have an exciting games roadmap in place that will continue enriching the online experience for players. We’re laying the solid foundations required for our operator partners to bring something truly special to their players, and we’re only just getting started.