23 June, 2023

In focus: MIDs

You tell us the region or payment method you’re looking to add, we provide you with the solution

Empowering merchants with global solutions

In the ever-evolving landscape of online iGaming and sports betting, MIDs has emerged as a trailblazing company, revolutionising the industry with its innovative solutions and exceptional services. With a commitment to empowering merchants and providing them with the tools they need to succeed, MIDs has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses in the iGaming and sports betting sector.

“The MIDs team remains the dedicated point of contact for all operator needs”

A pioneer in the Industry

MIDs was founded by John Skorick, a payments industry expert with experience dating back to 1997. John has worked on both sides of the transaction, having been a key early member of multiple IPSPs, as well as COO of a leading entertainment ecommerce company. Since 2008, John has founded multiple payments companies, which have culminated into MIDs; with a global, tailor-made approach. The company’s team of seasoned experts brings together decades of experience in, combining deep industry knowledge with technical expertise to deliver groundbreaking solutions. From underwriting to ongoing support, MIDs has developed unique processes for approval, optimisation and management of operator portfolios. Global coverage and multiple currencies

In the spotlight: MIDS

MIDs understands the unique challenges faced by merchants in the iGaming and sports betting sector, particularly when it comes to payments. To address this, the company has added credit card acquiring and local APM’s on a global scale. Card acquiring is available for merchants located in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Oceania and card holders in all regions.

APMs are available globally, with options such as net banking and UPI in India, Pix in Brazil, Mercado Pago in Argentina – over 130 currencies in LATAM – and bank transfers in Nigeria. With an extensive network of banking partners worldwide, MIDs provides global coverage for merchants, allowing them to expand their reach and target customers from different regions. The company supports multiple currencies, enabling merchants to accept payments in various monetary units, thereby eliminating barriers to entry and maximising revenue potential.

Customised solutions for every business

Understanding that every merchant has unique requirements, MIDs takes a tailored approach to deliver solutions that align with each business’s specific needs. The company’s team of dedicated professionals work closely with merchants to understand their goals, challenges, and growth strategies. Based on this collaboration, MIDs develops customised solutions that cater to individual requirements, ensuring optimal performance and maximum profitability.

A typical introductory call includes a conversation around the regions and/or payment options an operator is looking to add. With this basic information, the MIDs team presents the options they have to create a solution for the specific need of the operator.

MIDs underwriting team takes over to quickly and efficiently prepare a package for submission to the applicable banking partner, thereby eliminating needless back and forth communication.

Upon approval, the MIDs team remains the dedicated point of contact for all operator needs. They also take a proactive approach to monitoring traffic approval and dispute rates to ensure the operator is receiving optimal processing, while also working to stay ahead of any banking partner needs or concerns.

A bright future ahead

With its unwavering commitment to empowering merchants and its focus on emerging tech and market solutions, MIDs is poised for a bright future in the online iGaming and sports betting industry.